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Excel for Business Reporting and Dashboard Creation



Even though many professionals use Excel daily, there are still many features waiting to be discovered that can increase productivity even further. In this program, we'll explore one of Excel's newer tools that helps professionals clean and prepare data for analysis and reporting more easily. Through hands-on exercises and practical examples, participants will gain confidence in leveraging Excel's capabilities to streamline their data workflows and achieve more efficient analyses.

Program Objectives:

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Explore undiscovered features of Excel to increase productivity.

  • Learn about Excel's newer tools for cleaning and preparing data for analysis and reporting.

  • Gain practical skills through hands-on exercises and examples.

  • Build confidence in leveraging Excel's capabilities to streamline data workflows.

  • Enhance data management and analysis processes.

Targeted Audience:

  • Professionals seeking to enhance their Excel skills for data analysis and reporting purposes.

  • Managers or team leaders responsible for overseeing data-related projects and processes.

  • Business analysts, researchers, and data enthusiasts aiming to streamline their data workflows.

  • Individuals in roles requiring frequent data management and analysis tasks.

  • Anyone interested in maximizing their productivity and efficiency in Excel for data-related tasks.

  • Freelancers or consultants who rely on Excel for client deliverables and project management tasks.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1.

Introduction to Excel Data Analysis:

  • Explore the hidden features of Excel that enhance productivity.

  • Learn about newer tools for data cleaning and preparation.

  • Understand the importance of efficient data workflows.

  • Gain insight into how Excel can streamline data analysis processes.

  • Discover practical examples to illustrate Excel's capabilities.

  • Embrace hands-on exercises to solidify learning.

Unit 2.

Understanding Excel's Interface and Functions:

  • Navigate Excel's interface for optimal efficiency.

  • Master essential functions for data manipulation and analysis.

  • Explore formatting options to enhance data presentation.

  • Learn shortcuts and tips to expedite tasks.

  • Practice applying functions in real-world scenarios.

  • Gain proficiency in utilizing Excel's basic features.

Unit 3.

Exploring Advanced Excel Features:

  • Dive into advanced tools for data analysis and visualization.

  • Learn about powerful functions for complex calculations.

  • Explore charting options to visualize data effectively.

  • Discover pivot tables for summarizing and analyzing large datasets.

  • Practice customizing charts and tables for clarity.

  • Gain confidence in utilizing Excel's advanced features.

Unit 4.

Data Cleaning and Preparation Techniques:

  • Understand the importance of data quality in analysis.

  • Learn methods to identify and remove duplicates.

  • Handle missing data effectively using Excel's tools.

  • Explore text-to-columns and data transformation techniques.

  • Master merging and splitting data sets for analysis.

  • Practice cleaning and preparing data with hands-on exercises.

Unit 5.

Leveraging Excel for Efficient Data Analysis:

  • Explore optimization tools for what-if analysis.

  • Learn about scenario manager for sensitivity analysis.

  • Utilize goal seek and solver for decision-making.

  • Understand the role of data tables in simulation.

  • Practice applying advanced analysis tools in Excel.

  • Gain proficiency in leveraging Excel for efficient data analysis.

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