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Excellence in Organizational Development



The training program is designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the field of organizational development (OD) and equip them with advanced skills and knowledge to effectively lead and facilitate organizational change. It aims to build upon the foundational concepts of OD and take participants to a higher level of expertise in driving organizational transformation.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles, theories, and models of organizational development.

  • Develop advanced skills in diagnosing organizational issues and designing interventions.

  • Learn effective techniques for managing resistance to change and fostering employee engagement.

  • Acquire tools and strategies for facilitating and managing large-scale organizational change initiatives.

  • Explore the role of leadership in driving organizational development and change.

  • Enhance communication and interpersonal skills necessary for successful OD practice.

  • Understand the ethical considerations and challenges in organizational development.

Targeted Audience:

  • Organizational development practitioners and consultants.

  • HR professionals responsible for driving organizational change.

  • Senior managers and leaders involved in organizational transformation.

  • Change agents and facilitators involved in OD initiatives.

  • Trainers and coaches focused on organizational development.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Foundations of Organisational Development:

  • Introduction to advanced concepts in organizational development.

  • Theories and models of OD.

  • Diagnosing organizational issues: tools and techniques.

  • Ethical considerations in OD practice.

Unit 2:

Designing and Implementing Change Interventions:

  • Designing effective change interventions.

  • Managing resistance to change.

  • Engaging stakeholders in the change process.

  • Building a culture of change.

Unit 3:

Leading Large-Scale Change:

  • Leading and managing large-scale change initiatives.

  • Developing change management strategies.

  • Communicating change effectively.

  • Sustaining change momentum.

Unit 4:

Leadership in Organisational Development:

  • The role of leadership in driving OD.

  • Building leadership capabilities for change.

  • Creating a supportive leadership culture.

  • Empowering leaders as change agents.

Unit 5:

Facilitating Organisational Development:

  • Facilitation skills for OD practitioners.

  • Group dynamics and team development.

  • Coaching and mentoring for change.

  • Evaluating and measuring OD outcomes.

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