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FIDIC Condition of Contract including Benchmarking



This training program offers participants a thorough understanding of the FIDIC suite of contracts and the use of benchmarking techniques to enhance contract management. It empowers them to apply best practices in contract management and achieve excellence in project execution.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key principles and structure of FIDIC contracts.

  • Learn how to implement and manage FIDIC contract provisions.

  • Develop skills to use benchmarking for performance improvement.

  • Gain insights into the roles and responsibilities of contract parties.

  • Enhance strategies for risk management and dispute resolution under FIDIC contracts.

Targeted Audience:

  • Project Managers.

  • Contract Administrators.

  • Legal Professionals.

  • Construction Managers.

  • Engineers.

  • Procurement Specialists.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

Introduction to FIDIC Contracts

  • Overview of the FIDIC suite of contracts (Red Book, Yellow Book, Silver Book).

  • Key principles and structure of FIDIC contracts.

  • Importance of FIDIC contracts in international construction projects.

  • Roles and responsibilities of the parties involved.

  • Case studies on the application of FIDIC contracts in real-world projects.

Unit 2:

Implementation and Management of FIDIC Contracts:

  • Procedures for implementing FIDIC contract provisions.

  • Contract administration and documentation requirements.

  • Managing variations and changes in FIDIC contracts.

  • Best practices for effective contract management.

  • Practical exercises on contract implementation and administration.

Unit 3:

Benchmarking Techniques in Contract Management:

  • Introduction to benchmarking and its importance in contract management.

  • Methods for benchmarking project performance and outcomes.

  • Using benchmarking data to drive improvements in contract management.

  • Case studies on successful benchmarking applications in FIDIC contracts.

  • Discussions on developing benchmarking strategies for ongoing projects.

Unit 4:

Risk Management and Dispute Resolution in FIDIC Contracts:

  • Identification and assessment of risks in FIDIC contracts.

  • Risk allocation and management strategies.

  • Overview of dispute resolution mechanisms in FIDIC contracts.

  • Techniques for resolving disputes and managing claims.

  • Case studies on risk management and dispute resolution under FIDIC contracts.

Unit 5:

Best Practices and Continuous Improvement in FIDIC Contracts:

  • Implementing a continuous improvement framework in contract management.

  • Lessons learned from successful FIDIC contract management experiences.

  • Developing action plans for applying best practices in future projects.

  • Monitoring and evaluating contract performance using benchmarking.

  • Discussions on integrating best practices into organizational processes.

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