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Fleet Management



The Fleet Management training program provides comprehensive instruction and practical experience in managing vehicle fleets and transportation operations. Participants gain proficiency in optimizing fleet efficiency, ensuring timely delivery of goods, and enhancing overall organizational productivity.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of fleet and transport management.

  • Develop skills, confidence, and experience in utilizing various software applications to enhance process efficiency and accuracy, fostering career advancement opportunities.

  • Acquire knowledge and exposure to auditing existing organizational processes and implementing enhancements for improved efficiency and productivity.

  • Cultivate confidence, experience, and knowledge to effectively train other professionals in fleet and transport management practices.

  • Attain the necessary skills and experience to contribute to the timely delivery of raw materials and/or finished products, promoting organizational growth and client satisfaction.

  • Develop an understanding, exposure, and perspective for conducting effective driver and supplier evaluation and selection, ensuring sustainability and consistency in performance.

Targeted Audience:

  • The Business Owner is concerned about cost containment and as such wants to be hands-on in the daily Fleet Operations of his/ her business.

  • Fleet Manager who wants to have more control of his/her Fleet and make improvements.

  • The Fleet Supervisor or aspiring Fleet Manager who wants to improve his /her skill base and expertise to bring about some operational efficiencies.

  • Seasoned professionals in various facets of the business like HR, Finance, Sales, and Marketing, who because of their work naturally have an interest in fleet management.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Introduction to Fleet Management:

  • Definition of fleet management.

  • Objectives of fleet management.

  • Costs associated with fleet management.

  • Maximizing customer service.

  • Fleet manager profile.

Unit 2:

Fleet Maintenance Management:

  • Roles and responsibilities in maintenance.

  • Benefits of preventive maintenance inspections.

  • Scope of preventive maintenance programs.

  • Unscheduled maintenance and Road calls.

  • Tire selection and management, Parts and supply management.

  • Vendor versus in-house maintenance.

Unit 3:

Workshop Management:

  • Workshop layout.

  • Workshop tools.

  • Computing workshop productivity.

  • Facility requirements.

  • Bay space layout.

Unit 4:

Fleet Safety Management:

  • Elements of a safety program.

  • Reasons for accident prevention.

  • Driver selection criteria.

  • Fleet skill tests.

  • Road accident types.

Unit 5:

Vehicle Selection, Replacement, and Transportation Planning:

  • Vehicle selection criteria.

  • Own or contract analysis, Vehicle replacement analysis.

  • Capital budgeting techniques.

  • Transportation fundamentals and optimization.

  • Factors affecting transportation decisions and Routing of distribution vehicles.

  • Network design options.

  • Measuring and improving fleet performance.

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