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Foster Teamwork and Cooperation Skills



This training program is designed as a practical program for participants to put collaborative methods of teamwork in their businesses and leverage the innovative potential of all members of their teams. It  will provide the participants with all these skills since all organizations today need cooperative teamwork and innovation to survive.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Provide leaders with a series of strategies, activities, and cases at five levels of change: individual, interpersonal, team, organization, and network.

  • Discover the core competencies required for exemplary teamwork.

  • Examine the ethical aspects of teamwork that drive lasting results.

  • Enhance others’ perceptions of you as a team leader with integrity.

  • Build the right culture for people and processes to support your team.

  • Provides comprehensive ideas on keeping teamwork alive in organizations.

Targeted Audience:

  • Newly formed teams seeking to establish effective collaboration and synergy.

  • Team leaders or managers looking to enhance teamwork and cooperation within their groups.

  • Organizations aiming to cultivate a culture of collaboration and mutual support among employees.

  • Individuals interested in improving their interpersonal and teamwork skills to better contribute to team success.

  • Departments or teams facing challenges in communication or collaboration.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Dynamics of Teamwork & Innovation:

  • The Nature of Innovation.

  • The Nature of Innovative Teams.

  • The Brain & Learned Behaviors.

  • Creativity & Innovative Teams.

  • Developing Innovative Team Mindset.

  • The Power of Team Collaboration.

Unit 2:

Building Innovative Teamwork:

  • Innovative team values.

  • High-performance goals and metrics.

  • Organizing innovative teams.

  • Innovative team leadership.

  • Designing a team building program.

  • Profiling team members.

Unit 3:

Creating the Right Environment for Teams: 

  • Introduction to advanced teamwork.

  • The individual creative work.

  • The new role of leadership.

  • The Red Quadrant.

  • Team trust issues.

  • Creative abrasion of conflict.

Unit 4:

Targeting Team Energy: 

  • The difference between indifference.

  • A team’s picture of success.

  • Strategic priority areas.

  • Developing a clear consensus.

  • The leader’s decision making process.

  • The power of accountability.

Unit 5:

Team Cooperation Skills:

  • Team gatherings.

  • Team decisions.

  • Product performance.

  • Creating team environments.

  • Value-added activities.

  • Inner team conflict.

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