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Fundamentals of Marketing



The participants in this Fundamentals of Marketing training course gain a grasp of how to apply the fundamental marketing ideas, concepts, theories, tools, and processes in their respective positions. It offers a clear explanation of the fundamental principles as well as best practices, whether you are new to marketing or want a refresher on the basics.

The participants will have learned how to think, behave, and speak like a marketing expert by the time they leave. They will establish a successful marketing strategy and be able to articulate to executives and other team members how it will benefit the company and its clients.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the fundamentals of marketing and how it relates to their organization.
  • Use the marketing mix in their work and with their team.
  • Recognize the variables that affect B2B and B2C client behavior.
  • Describe how consumer behavior affects marketing strategies and purchasing decisions.
  • List the benefits and drawbacks of each communication medium, then select the most powerful one for attracting clients.

Targeted Audience

  • This Fundamentals of Marketing training course is intended for managers and practitioners in marketing and public relations who do not hold a professional marketing certificate but who wish to assess their skills against best practices in the field.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Principles of Marketing 

  • Marketing's Function and Role in Different Organizations
  • Putting the Eight Key Marketing Principles to Use
  • Marketing, markets, and marketplace orientation are defined.
  • Understanding How Your Business Is Affected by Micro and Macro Marketing Environments
  • The Four Major Marketing Phases
  • In the Marketing Planning Process, Overcoming Communication Barriers

Unit 2: Applying the 4P’s of the Marketing Mix 

  • Creating, Evaluating, and Launching New Goods and Services
  • Managing Goods and Services During Their Life Cycle
  • Channels for Choosing and Managing Marketing
  • Creating Pricing Programs and Strategies
  • Creating Powerful Publicity and Promotional Campaigns
  • How to Use the 4Ps in Marketing to Achieve Your Goals

Unit 3: Listening to the Voice of the Customer 

  • The Definition of the 6 Types of Customers
  • Strategies for Targeting Decision-Making Units and Stages in the Buying Process for B2B and B2C Customers and Techniques for Customer Segmentation
  • Utilizing a Marketing Funnel and Customer Touchpoints to Build and Expand Relationships
  • Formulas for Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Corrective Actions Techniques for Constantly Hearing the Customer's Voice

Unit 4: Communication and Engagement in Practices 

  • Development of Effective Customer Communications: Stages
  • Making Clear Appeals and Messaging
  • Features of Digital Communication Tools that Are Good and Bad
  • The benefits and drawbacks of conventional communication methods
  • Making Use of Social Media Apps to Improve Marketing
  • Using production timelines and posting calendars to plan

Unit 5: Essential Personal Skills for Marketing

  • Enhanced Active Listening and Questioning Skills
  • 12 Golden Rules of Writing All Journalists Learn
  • Relationship Building Rapport, Trust and Credibility
  • Dealing with Distractions and Managing Time
  • Public Speaking: Expressing Ideas Clearly, Confidently and with Impact
  • Developing and Sustaining Relationships with Suppliers

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