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Geometric Road Design



The participants in this Road Geometric Design training course will receive a thorough introduction to road design as well as the confidence to handle this kind of work once they return to the workplace. Participants who are unfamiliar with the subject or those who have practical expertise but lack academic training in the field will find it useful.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to: 

  • Recognize the applications of Horizontal and Vertical Alignment and Road Planning and Design principles.
  • Recognize the significance of sustainable urban transport planning.
  • Recognize the importance of road geometric design for safe roads
  • Road Safety Inspection and Base Road Safety Audit (RSA) (RSI)
  • Recognize the opportunities presented by the newest ITS design trends for roads.
  • Create traffic simulations for the coordination of traffic signs and signals.
  • Prepare the project for the implementation of ITS, sustainability, upkeep, and basic road geometric design.

Targeted Audience:

  • Road engineers
  • Project Directors
  • engineers in transport
  • Strategic Development Road Geometric Design Personnel
  • Managers of Works and Supervisors
  • Participating architects in urban design
  • Engineers in technology, CTOs, and CIOs
  • Urban and rural planning specialists
  • Traffic engineering scholars and practitioners
  • People who organize and arrange for civil, traffic, and transportation

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Introduction 

  • Geometric Design: General Concept

    • Highway Classification

    • Functional Class
    • Basic Terms
    • Design Vehicles
    • Roadway Cross Section
  • Importance of Geometric Design
  • Design Control Criteria

Unit 2: Road Planning

  • Planning for Sustainable Urban Transport
  • Road Design

    • Network design
    • Facility design
  • Town Road Improvement Project Plan

Unit 3: Alignment of Horizontal and Vertical Planning and Design

  • Horizontal Alignment

    • Circular Curves and Transition Curves

    • Curve Widening
  • Vertical Alignment
    • Gradients
    • Vertical Curves
    • Drainage
  • Vertical and Horizontal Design Coordination

Unit 4: Road Geometric Design for Safe Roads

  • Safety Administration
  • Changes to the Road Environment
  • Design and Redesign Safety Standards
  • Drive-Safe Audit (RSA)
  • Driving Safety Check (RSI)
  • Systems for intelligent transportation

Unit 5: Traffic Signal Design 

  • Terminology
  • Planning and Designing Traffic Signs
  • Types of Movements
  • Types of Traffic Signals
  • Types of Vehicle
  • Detection Vehicle Detection
  • Signal Coordination

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