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Heavy Equipment Safety (Maintenance and Inspection)



A 20-hours advance safety course that tackles Heavy Equipment Safety per Rule 1415 and Rule 1416 and DO 13 Series of 1998 aimed at equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and skills needed in the proper and safe operation of Heavy Equipment, Maintenance and Testing Inspection. The seminar will focus on the precautions, practices and procedures on how to provide a safe working environment to the workers and for HE operators, HE supervisors and Safety Officers in charge in Heavy Equipment operation.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the safe operating procedures and maintenance of Heavy Equipment
  •  Differentiate the different type of Heavy Equipment and its specific safety operating requirements
  • Have a clear understanding with the regulatory requirement and safe practices necessary to safely operate heavy equipment
  • Explain the elements of an Internal Traffic Control Plan and the hazards ITCPs are designed to mitigate
  • Develop and implement an ITCP on a construction site


Target Audience

This course is designed for Safety Officers, Engineers, Supervisors, Mechanics, Maintenance staff


Course Outlines

  • RULE 1415 of DO 13: Construction Heavy Equipment
  •  DO 13 Section 10 Series of 1998: Safety on Construction Heavy Equipment
  • Classification of Heavy Equipment
  •  General Heavy Equipment Safety
  • Heavy Equipment Operational requirements
  • Inspection Requirements
  •  Maintenance Requirements
  • Testing Requirements
  • Specific Safety Requirements for Each type of Heavy Equipment
  •  Prevention of Runovers and Backovers
  • Internal Traffic Control Plan
  •  Lifting Plan

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