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High Performance Leadership



The High Performance Leadership training program is designed to equip participants with the skills, strategies, and mindset necessary to excel in leadership roles and drive exceptional performance within their organizations. This program focuses on developing advanced leadership capabilities, fostering innovation, and cultivating a high-performance culture.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the real meaning of leadership.

  • Become a master of communication and influence.

  • Create and harness the power of vision and visualization.

  • Motivate and inspire people.

  • Learn how to have a magnetic personality.

  • Create momentum and urgency within yourself and others.

  • Learn how to engage, inspire and enable your people.

Targeted Audience:

  • Managers at all managerial levels.

  • Chair Managers.

  • Executive Managers.

  • Team leaders.

  • Employees who want to gain great skills to improve their career and personality.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:


  • What is true leadership, lessons from the past masters.

  • Modern leadership and its impact on business.

  • Human behavior, predictable outcomes and The new business reality and its impact on us all.

  • Force field analysis and the comfort zone.

  • Employee mentality versus entrepreneurial spirit.

  • The equalizer effect.

  • Leaders VS managers.

Unit 2:


  • The strangest secret.

  • How to create a vision and How to harness the power of vision through visualization.

  • Psycho cybernetics and its connection with the vision.

  • Goal setting the key to making the vision a reality.

  • The mastermind group.

  • Positive mental attitude, gaining power from a strong vision.

  • Linking vision to mission and values.

  • Vision timeline, mathematical coaching model.

Unit 3:


  • Discover your communication style and Identify other peoples communication style using body language.

  • Learn how to motivate and influence each of the styles.

  • The 5 levels of listening.

  • Advanced questioning techniques.

  • Selling your ideas and vision.

  • How to get buy-in from others.

  • Selling your ideas through excellence in communication.

Unit 4:


  • How to create a culture of innovationand  to engage your people to generate new ideas.

  • Left brain, right brain, innovation, Creative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Suggestion boxes, and reward criteria.

  • Quantity versus quality on innovation projects.

  • Sticky note innovation.

  • Absolute VS Desirable criteria.

  • Using multi-disciplined employees to gain width and depth.

  • Using innovation to reduce costs.

Unit 5:

Influencing Skills:

  • The relationship bank account.

  • The 10 guaranteed deposits.

  • Confidence is king, The give to get the ratio, The fire within, Enthusiasm and Time to get passionate.

  • The BE. DO.GET model.

  • The pipeline principle.

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