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Hospital and Health Services Management



The term hospital management refers to a job position that is based on planning, coordination, and control processes in hospitals or clinics. The hospital director usually carries out work related to this field of his administrative specialization, from balancing budgets to scheduling the work of employees, in addition to this job requiring the operation of medical facilities efficiently and effectively. , taking care to follow the laws stipulated in health care regulations, with the need to pay attention to providing reputable services to the community.

Hospital management depends on two basic parts: first, the administrative part, and the second part, or the second aspect, is the medical part. The medical part does not have much to do with hospital management, because the most important thing is the administrative part of hospital management, because the administrative side related to hospital management can be managed by anyone. An ordinary person, not just doctors, because like other institutions, it has a number of departments, such as the administrative department, as well as the public relations department, and the department related to the services provided by the facility or institution.”

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the most important recent developments in the field of hospital and treatment facility management.
  • Developing the skills of everyone who holds management positions in hospitals and treatment facilities.
  • Acquire basic concepts of health care and health management.
  • Understanding and analyzing the administrative process and administrative model in hospitals.
  • Gaining capabilities in analyzing and studying the health organization’s environment.
  • Developing skills in exercising their administrative roles efficiently and effectively.

Targeted Audience

  • Hospital managers.
  • Health center managers.
  • Assistant managers.
  • Heads of medical administrative departments.
  • Administrative staff in the Department of Management and Health Information Systems.
  • Administrative staff in {Human Resources Department, Purchasing Department, Insurance Department, Medical Records Department}.
  • Anyone who finds himself in need of this course and wants to develop his skills and experience.

Course Outline


  • Health management and the administrative process in the health institution.
  • The administrative model in health institutions and hospitals.
  • Health services financing activities.
  • Health systems and components of the national health system.

Unit 2:

  • Strategic health planning.
  • Building and organizing health institutions and hospitals.
  • Improving medical quality and enhancing productivity.
  • Risk management and cost accounting.

Unit 3:

  • Contemporary scientific concepts and foundations for the management of hospitals and treatment facilities.
  • Political dimensions of health services management and its supporting services.
  • Medical operations management systems.
  • Outpatient management systems.

Unit 4:

  • Health services planning and control systems.
  • Inventory control systems in hospitals and treatment units.
  • Systems for scheduling medical operations and service operations.
  • Medical information and records systems.

Unit 5:

  • The role of information systems and medical records in planning and controlling medical and non-medical operations.
  • Food service management systems.
  • Productive efficiency in hospitals and therapeutic facilities.
  • Medical performance evaluation systems.

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