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HR Masterclass : The Future Changes in Human Resources



Change, lots of change, is on the way. The impact that radical transformation will have on the workplace and organizational structure is explained in this advanced HR Master Class curriculum.

You will learn about the most recent research from Stanford, Harvard, and Cambridge Universities and how it will affect company and employment procedures in this HR Master Class on the Future Changes in Human Resources training course. Additionally, COVID-19 will have a permanent impact on how people work. This engaging program is for you if you want to be in front of the tide of change.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Assemble data and develop a strategy framework for change requirements (Organisational design)
  • Increase efficiency, take action to automate or vastly improve the recruitment and selection process, and convince others of its benefits.
  • Study, practice, and become an expert in creating a smooth bonus and reward system and communicating it to others.
  • Make the most of your current HR and develop plans to take advantage of Generation Z's value (iGen)
  • Learn how to implement automated training needs analysis and training evaluation, and be capable of doing so.
  • Examine, evaluate, and be able to improve organizational procedures while showcasing and justifying their worth, including succession planning

Targeted Audience

  • Senior Training Managers
  • Senior HR Staff
  • Workforce Planning Managers
  • Recruiters and Staff Developers
  • Organisational Design Managers
  • Board Directors

Course Outline

Unit 1: Advances in Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Modeling for Artificial Intelligence and Process Redesign
  • The Strategic Model for Human Resources – How to use it?
  • Change and what’s needed in the next two years
  • Making the Business Case for Change
  • How to convert Strategy into Action?


Unit 2: Significant Changes to Existing HR Key Functions

  • Significant Improvement in Recruitment and Selection
  • Psycho-graphics and How it Works using Digital Footprints
  • What is available now to measure Intelligence – the end of testing?
  • Massive Advances in Personality Profiling
  • Automated Background Profiling on Recruits


Unit 3: Using Re-Engineered Processes for Appraisal: Transparent Pay  & Rewards

  • Understanding Performance Management
  • Using Technology to Gather Performance Data
  • The New Role of Performance Appraisal
  • How to automate the entire rewards process?
  • The Paradigm Shift from Paying People for What They Know to Pay People for What They Do
  • Automation of Allocating Bonus

Unit 4: How Artificial Intelligence and the Impact of COVID-19 will Impact on Employment - Forever

  • Before and After Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • The Need to Establish the Right – Size of your Organisation Pre-Artificial Intelligence
  • How to do rightsizing?
  • The Impact of Change on Organisational Design (O.D.)
  • Understand and Mastering Process Design
  • The Need to Address Universal Basic Income
  • Use of Digital Footprints

Unit 5: Automation of Traditional HR Processes

  • How to Fully Automate Training Needs Analysis
  • Evaluation of Training – linking to an automated process
  • Making Support Services Value Centres
  • Succession Planning – A new approach
  • In Future HR will be a Significant Business Contributor – New Skills Needed - COVID-19 impact on HR

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