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Implementing and Managing a Customer Complaints System



This specialized conference tackles the issue of customer complaints by focusing on its two components: the behavioral aspect related to the individual employee who deals face to face with the complainant, and the system's or procedural aspect related to how the organization should process a complaint, every step of the way, from the moment it is raised to its conclusion. Relying on international best practices, the conference also covers the necessary preparations an organization must go through in terms of cultural development and openness before it can hope to benefit from complaints, recover complaining customers, improve internal processes and achieve new heights in customer satisfaction.

Conference Objectives:

At the end of this conference the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts and importance of customer feedback.
  • Know the flow of customer feedback in an organization.
  • Design a customer feedback system to enhance organizational performance.
  • Improve the existing system and benchmark against world-class standards.
  • Assess and audit complaints systems

Targeted Audience:

  • Customer Complaint System Managers and Staff
  • Customer Service Managers and Staff
  • Managers and Staff of Support Departments such as HR and IT, that provide services to other departments (internal customers) in the organization.

Conference Outlines:

Unit 1: Understanding Your Customers:

  • Who Is Your Customer?
  • Importance of Customers Feedback
  • Types of Customers

Unit 2: Complaints Management:

  • What Is a Complaint?
  • What Are the Sources of Complaints?
  • Why Should an Organization Seek Complaints?
  • Complaints Are Golden Opportunities for Improvement

Unit 3: Complaints Management Standards:

  • Why Standards?
  • Types of Standards
  • ISO 10002 as a Model
  • The Impact of Customer Attitudes towards Complaining and Organizational Reactions
  • Business Needs and Commercial Implications

Unit 4: Essential Elements of a Complaints Management System:

  • Scope and Policy
  • Planning
  • Resource/Competence
  • Logging and Receiving Complaints
  • Implementation and Operation
  • Management Review
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions

Unit 5: Designing and Implementing an Effective Customer Complaint System:

  • Complaint Definition, Handling, Escalation and Resolution
  • Developing a System Including Workflow and Process Mapping
  • Monitoring, Measurement and Management Review
  • Audits in Principle and Practice
  • Possible Barriers
  • Writing a Customer Complaint Procedure

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