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Improving Operational Performance and Productivity



This Improving Operational Performance training course recognizes that with the arrival of new technology, increased competition, and rising expectations from customers, the need for operational performance improvement has never been greater. The drive to deliver faster, cheaper, and the right first time is a challenge facing every organisation in the public and private sectors.

How do you engage and develop people to become more productive? How do you identify and quantify operational process improvements? How do you delight customers through high-quality service? How do you increase revenue and grow profitability? How do you get people on board and willing to change for the better? And how do you execute a plan of action and measure the benefits?

Course Objectives:

  • Locate and quantify operational performance improvements

  • Identify and eliminate waste and reduce cycle times

  • Identify and address the root causes of current problems

  • Re-engineer your processes

  • Deliver what your internal and external customers want better, faster, and cheaper

  • Drive and coordinate a program of change

  • Get your people on board so that change sticks and benefits last

  • Understanding what you need to do to embed beneficial change within your organization

Targeted Audience:

  • Engineers

  • Team Leaders

  • Middle Managers

  • Department Heads

  • General Managers

  • Project Managers

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Performance Improvement Drivers and Enablers

  • What drives and what enables performance improvement?

  • Your Organisation’s Performance Improvement Goals

  • World-class Improvement Tools

  • Discovering Improvement Opportunities through Observation and Effective Questioning

  • Quantifying Performance Improvement Opportunities

  • Reducing Cycle Times and Increasing Throughput

Unit 2: Collecting, Analyzing and Presenting Performance Data 

  • Optimizing Prime Movers

  • Removing Bottlenecks

  • Collecting Data on Current and Potential Performance

  • Aligning Objectives, Measures and Targets to Organizational Strategy

  • Analyzing Performance Data and Presenting it in a Compelling Way

  • The 5S Performance Improvement Approach

Unit 3: Delivering Improvement Programmes

  • Spaghetti Diagrams

  • Pareto Analysis and the 80:20 Rules

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Facilitating Problem-Solving Sessions

  • Creating Improvement Plans and Steering Improvement Programmes

  • Identifying and Eliminating Delays

  • Capturing Savings

  • Introduction to Process Mapping

Unit 4: Process Re-engineering

  • The Principles of Process Mapping and Process Re-engineering

  • End-to-End Process Improvement

  • Improving Organization Structure

  • Apply Process Mapping and Re-engineering to One of Your Processes

  • Outsourcing Decisions - Guidelines to Ensure Success

  • The 7 Wastes

Unit 5: Implementing Change 

  • The Change Questionnaire

  • Why do people avoid or oppose change?

  • Practical Strategies for Leading People through Change

  • Opening the Door to Change - Addressing the 5 Forces of Change

  • How to deliver the change required to improve performance in your organization?

  • Review

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