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Innovations in Workforce Planning & Organizational Development



The simplest way to describe what this international training course may provide is "dramatic and significant improvement." This cutting-edge and interesting HR Management training course on Innovations in Workforce Planning, Organizational Development, Business Efficiency and Analysis—also known as HR Analytics—will concentrate on what's new, including the impact of artificial intelligence, and what will produce a high level of results in any organization.

The most recent methods and case studies will demonstrate how to maximize your human resources and greatly improve your organization. The potential return on investment after completing this Human Resource Management training course is enormous. The acquired information and abilities will be beneficial to any organization.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Assemble the essential components of a strategic workforce plan analysis, and be able to foresee organizational change and determine when restructuring is necessary, such as with A.I. and after COVID19.
  • Demonstrate and do calculations using new formulae, and be able to do away with any outdated formulas.
  • Understanding how to interpret and pick the best form design models for the greatest organizational design
  • Utilize your current data and new predictive forecasting methodologies.
  • Demonstrate and demonstrate mastery of the main new methodologies for business process re-engineering, productivity management, succession planning, and emergency planning.

Targeted Audience

  • HR Personnel
  • Those responsible for providing Workforce Data
  • Strategic Planners
  • Succession Planners
  • Organizational Development Professionals
  • Department Heads
  • Anyone interested in the measurement of the Human Resource
  • Those interested in transforming HR into a profit center
  • Graduates on management development programs
  • Personnel who are involved in either workforce planning, HR Analytics, organisational design or planning or succession planning who wish to significantly upgrade their skills and knowledge

Course Outline

Unit 1: From Strategy to Organisational Design and Working Ratios

  •  Introductions and Our Program Objectives
  • The Key Difference between Manpower Planning and New Workforce Planning
  • The Importance of a Strategic Approach in Workforce Planning
  • The Use of the Organisational Maturity Tool - How to predict change?
  • The Critical Inputs of Workforce Planning
  • How Organisations are Designed
  • The Current Types of Organizational Design
  • Innovations in Reporting Ratios – What the future holds including the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? The post COVID scenario on the future of work


Unit 2: Trends Correlations and Useful New Formulas

  • What are Trends?
  • Correlations
  • Trend Information For Growth
  • Trend Information For Contraction, with the introduction of A.I. and home working
  • Formulas That Work – How to Calculate Accurate Turn Over and Cohort Analysis

Unit 3: Our Role in Organisational Productivity

  • Collecting The Information
  • Understanding The Ingredients – Competency and How to Measure It?
  • Understanding and Measurement of Performance Information
  • Reliability – What is it? How to Measure and Improve It?
  • Measurement of Reliability – New Tools – Great Results
  • The Value of Time and People - Essential Calculations and Information

Unit 4: Downsizing, Rightsizing & Workflow Management in the new world of employment

  • What is the Difference between Downsizing and Rightsizing?
  • Techniques For Rightsizing
  • Downsizing The Organisation
  • Calculating the Value of Rightsizing
  • Using Workflow Management to Improve Efficiency
  • How much can you improve productivity by?
  • Making The Financial Case – What is the added value here?


Unit 5: The Workforce Planning Dashboard – Business Process Mapping, Succession and Emergency Planning, A New Look at Pay and Rewards

  • Understand The Value of Workforce Planning Dashboard
  • Importance of Staff Satisfaction
  • Why do we need Business Process Mapping?
  • What it has to offer?
  • How to Draw Business Process Maps & Calculate The Value of Improvement
  • Emergency Planning –For People
  • A New Approach to Critical Succession Planning - Transform Your Succession Planning Approach Using The New Approaches and Identify What’s Best For Your Organisation
  • Techniques to Fit People into The Right Job –Latest Psychological Approaches
  • Innovations in Pay and Rewards Using a Hopper System and Other New Approaches such as self - financing bonus systems

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