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Integrated Management Thinking



This Integrated Management Thinking training course focuses not just on managers making competent decisions but also ensuring those decisions will enable rational growth for their organisations. Integrated thinking involves managers working in unison to understand, identify and plan their alignment to the corporate strategies. To do this manager must understand the Business Model from governance to risk management, from strategy to internal controls. It is about value creation that supports long term sustainability.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Implement leadership, innovation, finance, and growth strategies

  • Acquire problem solving techniques and make more successful decisions

  • Apply creative thinking to support your problem solving and decision making

  • Apply logic and rationality to problems, consider variables and determining best solutions

  • Promote new ideas, gain buy-in, and act on projects

  • Network with colleagues across different departments and responsibilities

Targeted Audience:

  • Those identified as forthcoming managers

  • Current managers and leaders

  • Heads of Department

  • Senior Managers

  • Professional involved in value creation and sustainability

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: How do we Sustain our Business? 

  • Undertaking and analysing a Business Model Canvas

  • Connecting departments

  • Improvedinternal processes

  • Increased integration of senior management

  • Better articulation of the strategy and business model

  • Creating value for stakeholders

Unit 2:Leading Creativity and Innovation  

  • How our thinking works in respect of creativity and innovation

  • Difference between vertical and lateral approaches

  • Methods of testing ideas for practicality and relevance

  • Apply the more fluid style to the left and right hemispheres of the brain

  • Recognise and cope with obstacles to creativity in the mind

  • Understand the limitations and applications of conventional problem solving

Unit 3:Managing and Executing Change

  • What makes change so challenging?

  • Understanding and applying The Change Model

  • Develop the mindset of responsibility

  • Put your values into action

  • Demonstrate discipline

  • Champion learning and growth

Unit 4:Identifying and Capturing Opportunities

  • Five-Step Strategy Model

  • The Strategy Diamond

  • The Balanced Scorecard

  • Five Forces – assessing the balance of power in a business situation

  • Red Ocean – Blue Ocean

  • Diversification – reducing business risk

Unit 5: Developing a Financial Acumen

  • Understand the Organization

  • Understand Resources and Suppliers

  • Understand Customers and Competitors

  • Stay Up to Date on Industry Developments

  • Evaluate and Prioritize Projects

  • Business Action Planning

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