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Internal Control - Compliance, Operational and Financial Training Schedule



The lecturer bases the lesson on presentations and examples. The outcomes of case studies and activities must also be presented by participants.

Conference Objectives:

At the end of this conference,  the participants will be able to: 

  • Implement controls in the accounting processes.
  • Assign functions and roles within the accounting department to maximize controls while optimizing performance.
  • Assist in designing corporate business cycles to achieve better controls.
  • Achieve segregation of duties and internal controls in the accounting department and related functions.
  • Increase reliability on processes and decrease the likelihood of fraud through the organization.
  • Comply with external reporting requirements by governmental and semi-governmental authorities.
  • Develop operational policies and procedures in accordance with internal control requirement.
  • Design and maintain financial controls.

Targeted Audience:

  • Project personnel, contracts, tenders, purchases, and procurement
  • Personnel involved in contract administration, engineering, operations, and maintenance
  • Personnel for Risk, Claims, Finance, and Audit
  • Professionals in project management
  • All others who work for companies whose leaders demand high levels of proficiency from individuals engaged in these activities as well as those who plan, evaluate, prepare, and manage tenders, specifications, awards, and contracts that cover the procurement of materials, equipment, and services.

Conference Outline:

Unit 1: Purpose of Internal Controls

  • Compliance Requirements through Internal Controls
  • Compliance Requirements for Oversight Boards
  • Examples of Compliance Requirements
  • Other Considerations: Fraud Prevention and Customer Satisfaction

Unit 2: Implementing Controls in Business Cycles

  • Controls in Purchase and Payment Cycle
  • Controls in Inventory and Costing Cycle
  • Controls in HR and Payroll Cycle
  • Controls in Sales and Collection Cycle
  • Controls in Fixed Assets Life Cycle
  • The Human Element Role in Controls
  • Technology Role in Implementing Controls
  • Segregation of Duties in Business Cycles
  • Required Reporting in Business Cycles
  • Approvals and Authorization in Business Cycles
  • Risks to Corporation in Lack of Control in the Cycle
  • Costs of Controls and Controlling Costs in Business Cycles
  • Controlling Assets and Inventory Movements within the Company
  • Preventing Fraud through Proper Controls

Unit 3:Information System Controls

  • Safeguarding Data
  • Access to Communication Systems
  • Security Reports

Unit4: Financial Controls

  • Controlling Access to Financial Assets
  • Controls on Financial Reporting
  • Controls through Budgets
  • Controls through Management Reporting
  • Reflecting Financial Controls in Policies and Procedures

Unit5: Administrative Controls

  • Controlling Access to Building
  • Controls on Maintenance and Repairs
  • Safety and Security Controls
  • Legal Implications on Some Safety Measures
  • Required Reporting in Administration

External Reporting

  • Financial Reporting Requirements
  • Reporting to Labor Related Authorities
  • Social Security Administration Reporting Requirements

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