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ISO 31000: Lead Risk Manager



ISO 31000 could be a universally recognized framework used to manage risk. Risk may be a critical figure all businesses account for some time recently making any choice. Whereas risks tend to differ based on industry and estimate of the organization, the rules and standards advertised by ISO 31000 can be adjusted as needed. This course is emphatically recommended for experts looking to upgrade their risk mitigation and management abilities in arrange to assist businesses make the finest choices conceivable. 

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Illustrate an understanding of risk management standards as defined in ISO 31000.
  • Establish, keep up and persistently progress a risk management system in understanding ISO 31000 guidelines.
  • Apply the risk management prepare under ISO 31000 guidelines.
  • Plan risk recording, risk communication exercises, and reporting processes.
  • Monitor, audit, and make strides in the risk management system and prepare based on the results of the risk management exercises.

Targeted Audience

  • IT Professionals.
  • Risk Specialists.
  • Business Managers.
  • Risk Consultants.
  • Project Management Personnel.
  • IT Architects.
  • Risk Advisors.
  • Risk Directors.
  • Upper-level management seeking risk management knowledge to integrate it into strategic initiatives.
  • Individuals responsible for creating Risk Management processes in an organization.
  • Individuals who are responsible for the creation and protection of value in organizations.
  • Professionals looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of Risk Management Concepts.
  • Individuals who are looking to sit for PECBs ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager Certification exam.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to ISO 31000 and risk management

  • Training course destinations and structure.
  • Standards.
  • Introduction to ISO 31000 concepts.
  • ISO 31000 principles.
  • ISO 31000 system and prepare.

Unit 2: Building up the risk management system and starting the risk management process

  • Establishing the system and characterizing the governance.
  • Scope, context, and risk criteria.
  • Risk definition

Unit3: Risk investigation, risk assessment, and risk treatment agreeing to ISO 31000

  • Risk analysis
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk treatment
  • Compliance policy .

Unit 4: Recording and announcing, observing and audit, and communication and discussion concurring to ISO 31000.

  • Recording and reporting.
  • Monitoring and review.
  • Communication and consultation.
  • Closing of the training course.

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