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Leadership, Creativity and Peak Performance



In today's contemporary business, the leader needs to draw from the well of intellectual capital within their sphere of influence to facilitate productivity and steady growth. Principles and techniques on how leaders do that today are included in this training to provide the participants with the crucial tools to groom his/her people. These best practice techniques are taken from all areas of business and cultures to provide the participants with a clear path to putting together a successful business.

This conference allows participants to understand the best strategies and techniques to adopt in various workplace situations. The ability to strategize and convey organizational goals through effective communication is crucial towards achieving peak performance. Long term success relies on strong leadership within the organization.

Conference Objectives:

At the end of this conference the participants will be able to:

  • Build a strong followership
  • Learn the art of leading especially in the areas of visioning, inspiring, and decision making
  • Command respect by all peers and followers
  • Insight into their leadership style
  • Determine the best practices of leaders through history and how to apply them today.
  • Articulate an understanding of what leadership means for in their business.
  • Explain their leadership capabilities and areas for personal development.
  • Determine their role as an effective leader in any organization.
  • Develop strategies for creating a positive work environment that fosters leadership and a commitment to continuous improvement in others.

Targeted Audience:

  • Those in a leadership role who supervise other people and processes
  • Leaders who aspire to build further their leadership qualities
  • The interactive leader who is creative and proactive
  • Individuals responsible to shape and groom future dynamic leaders
  • Leaders at any level of the organization who wishes to improve their knowledge and skills in leadership styles

Conference Outlines:

Unit 1: Creating and Implementing a Leadership Communication Strategy:

  • The leader as a visionary
  • The power of creative vision
  • The leader's influence on culture
  • How a leader facilitates the path to a culture
  • Implementing a leadership communication approach
  • Models of best-run visionary companies

Unit 2: How Effective Leaders Control their “Inner Power”:

  • Guide to knowing your leadership strengths
  • How leaders use their emotional intelligence
  • Understanding the leaders base of power
  • Understanding “Spiritual Capital”
  • Leaders influence people - employees, peers, and senior managers
  • Managing your body and mind effectively

Unit 3: How a Leader Develops People:

  • Secrets to involve others
  • Best practices of effective mentors and coaches
  • The motivating leader
  • The need for achievement, power, and affiliation
  • Expectancy theory and motivation
  • How a leader creates an environment for self-motivation

Unit 4: How to Use Resources More Efficiently:

  • Best practices to effectively delegate
  • The benefits of delegation
  • The barriers to delegation
  • Delegation VS Empowerment
  • Creating the environment for empowerment
  • Using goal setting, time management, planning, and prioritizing

Unit 5: How a Leader Builds an Innovative Culture:

  • The leader as a creative thinker
  • Building a culture of innovation and new ideas
  • Challenging self-imposed assumptions
  • Putting best practices into practice
  • Guide to Build a personal leadership plan

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