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Leading Digital Transformation



The Leading Digital Transformation training program is a strategic initiative focused on guiding organizations through the adoption of digital technologies. It equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive innovation and succeed in a digital-first environment. Through a blend of theory and practical application, it enables organizations to effectively navigate and leverage digital opportunities.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program the participants will be able to: 

  • Create and implement a digital maturity assessment tool that is unique to each organization.

  • Use the principles of digital transformation to solve a real-world organizational problem.

  • Find methods and resources that are goal-oriented to create a vision and plan for the future of their businesses.

  • Showcase leadership and cultural change ideas, as well as self-identification and reflection practices, to integrate into organizational strategies and spur future progress.

  • Set a business agenda for their future business evolution using visioning, goal-setting, and planning strategies.

Targeted Audience:

  • Executives and senior leaders responsible for driving organizational change.

  • Managers and decision-makers seeking to understand and implement digital transformation strategies.

  • Professionals in various industries interested in leveraging digital technologies to enhance business processes.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners aiming to adapt and thrive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Program Outline:


Knowing how the digital organization works and how you fit in:

  • How digital is your organization?

  • Knowing your identity and the principles that guide you

  • What are the core digital skills?

  • What qualities of leadership and followership are needed?

  • What is Digital Transformation?


Strategy for digital transformation and focus on the client:

  • Definition of "digital".

  • Customer-centricity.

  • Customer experience elements.

  • Service design from the front and back (internal vs. external "customers").

  • mapping of customer experience.

  • Empathy diagrams.

  • Proto-personas.


Embracing Digital Transformation:

  • The development of your digital transformation plan (and/or the development of a sub-strategy for your contribution to a larger organizational aim).

  • Restrictions, encouragement, and opportunity spotting.

  • Boundaries to development.


Leading Digital Transformation:

  • Understanding stakeholders.

  • Project prioritization for digital transformation.

  • Planning the implementation of a digital strategy.

Unit5: Bringing it all together:

  • Implementation and Execution.

  • Change Management.

  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation.

  • Continuous Improvement.

  • Future Trends and Emerging Technologies.

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