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Legislative Comparison between Special Economic Zones



Special economic zones (SEZs) are designated areas that offer special economic incentives to businesses, such as tax breaks, reduced regulations, and access to foreign markets. These incentives are designed to attract investment and stimulate economic growth.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the different types of SEZs
  • Identify the key features of SEZ legislative frameworks
  • Compare and contrast SEZ legislative frameworks in different countries
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of SEZs in promoting economic growth

Targeted Audience

This course is designed for professionals who work in the field of international business, economics, or law. It is also suitable for students who are interested in learning more about SEZs.

Course Outline:

Unit 1:

  • What is a special economic zone?
  • Types of SEZs
  • History of SEZs
  • Benefits of SEZs

Unit 2: 

  • Tax breaks for businesses in SEZs
  • How tax incentives affect investment decisions
  • The impact of tax incentives on economic growth
  • Performance Requirements
  • The Impact of Tax Incentives on Investment Decisions

Unit 3: Data as fuel for AI

  • Reduced regulations for businesses in SEZs
  • How regulations affect investment decisions
  • The impact of regulations on economic growth

Unit 4: Algorithms but without technical jargon

  • How SEZs can facilitate access to foreign markets
  • The impact of access to foreign markets on economic growth
  • Reduced Regulations
  • Access to Foreign Markets

Unit 5: The data engineering platform

  • What are performance requirements?
  • How performance requirements affect investment decisions
  • The impact of performance requirements on economic growth
  • The Asia-Pacific SEZs
  • The Middle East and North Africa's SEZs

Unit 6:

  • The Impact of Regulations on Investment Decisions
  • The Impact of Access to Foreign Markets on Economic Growth
  • The Impact of Performance Requirements on Economic Growth

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