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Level 2 Award in Confined Space Entry and Rescue



The course is designed to provide awareness of confined space entry hazards and procedures for operating company and contractor personnel involved in controlling entry to confined spaces and rescue procedures, combined with practical training in entry and escape. It  will provide individuals with the theoretical and practical information needed to understand the potential hazards of working in these spaces and the elements necessary to control those hazards prior to entry. The training course has been designed to meet the Performance Criteria of the National Occupational Standards: Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Prepare to work safely in low risk confined spaces including checking equipment, authorisation & health & safety information, communications, maintaining a safety zone, carry out a Point of Work Risk Assessment & monitoring equipment.
  • Entering & exiting a low risk confined space safely including the use of the monitoring equipment, checking access equipment, carrying out a safety inspection, following procedures, resolving exit/entry problems & identifying unsafe activity.
  • Use equipment & tools safely including checking of equipment & tools, PPE and after use checks.
  • Follow working procedures and work safely including suitable communication methods, function checks, safe working procedures, correct PPE, demonstrate vigilance in risks and hazards & completing documentation & reports correctly.
  • Deal with emergencies including emergency exit procedures, post use checks & recording and reporting emergency incidents.
  • Understand the principals of working in low risk confined spaces including health & safety, environmental legislation, and regulations & guidance, identifying places that could become confined in the presence of a hazard, hazards that can produce a confined space, exposure limits, limitations of monitoring equipment, identifying emergency situations and the causes and injuries.
  • Understand standard protocols for working in low risk confined spaces including confined space classifications, point of work risk assessments, procedures & methods of working in confined spaces, reducing risks, resolving problems, communication methods, equipment checks & emergency reporting systems.

Targeted Audience:

This course is aimed at persons working in confined space environments where there is a medium risk that a specified hazard may be present. It will require the use of escape breathing apparatus.

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Definition of a confined space:

  • Relevant Legislation and Guidelines
  • Classification of Confined Spaces
  • Confined Space Hazards (including Oxygen Deficiency and Enrichment)

Unit 2: Confined Space Program:

  • Safe Working Procedures (including use of Confined Space Entry Permits/ Gas Monitoring and Atmospheric Testing/ Ventilation/ Communication methods)
  • Equipment and Tools (including use of Gas Testers)

Unit 3: Hazard Assessment

  • Working in Teams (including Standby Persons/ Entrants/ Emergency Teams)
  • Practical Exercise - Prepare to enter and work safely in medium risk confined spaces

Unit 4: Entry Permit and Controls:

  • Practical Exercise - Enter and exit confined spaces safely
  • Procedures for dealing with emergencies (including need for rescue plans)
  • Preparing and Using Escape Breathing Apparatus (10 minute Escape Sets)

Unit 5: Exercise:

  • Practical Exercise - Preparing and Using Escape Breathing Apparatus (10 minute Escape Sets)
  • Practical Exercise - Emergency Exit from Confined Space
  • Knowledge Assessment

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