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Maintenance Auditing, Benchmarking & Improvement (Certified Maintenance Auditor)



Organizations increasingly need to make improvements as a key part of their culture in order to remain cost-competitive. The same is true of Maintenance Organisations. Maintenance Departments are increasingly under pressure to improve performance and reduce costs. This course looks at Maintenance Auditing and Benchmarking as two key tools that can be used as the basis for driving the improvement process in maintenance, by identifying best practices, gaps with current practices, and assist with the formulation of strategies to bridge such gaps. In addition, we address how Auditing and Benchmarking can become an integral part of a maintenance management strategy by integrating such activities into maintenance performance measures, key performance indicators, and objective setting.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Audit their maintenance operations
  • Conduct a maintenance benchmarking study
  • Use the results to establish and monitor an effective improvement strategy
  • Establish Auditing and Benchmarking as a key element of their maintenance management strategy

Targeted Audience:

  • General Managers who have oversight responsibility for Maintenance Management and Maintenance organizational units
  • Operations Engineering and Maintenance Managers with direct line responsibility as well as staff support responsibility for Maintenance
  • Those with responsibility for standards and/or continuous improvement
  • Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Engineers, and Maintenance Planners and Schedulers

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Introduction and Foundation Concepts:

  • Introduction to Auditing and Benchmarking
  • Introduction to Maintenance Processes
  • Approaches to Maintenance Management and Improvement
  • Introduction to Maintenance Management Benchmarking Frameworks

Unit 2: Maintenance Auditing:

  • Maintenance Performance Measures and Metrics
  • The Maintenance Auditing Process
  • Maintenance Auditing Methodology
  • Conducting a Maintenance Audit
  • Maintenance Audit Simulation Case Study

Unit 3: Maintenance Auditing and Benchmarking:

  • Maintenance Audit Simulation Case Study
  • Using Maintenance Audit Results to Plan Improvement Strategies
  • Introduction to Benchmarking
  • The Maintenance Benchmarking Process
  • Maintenance Benchmarking Methodology
  • Benchmarking Tools and Techniques

Unit 4: Maintenance Benchmarking and Performance Measurement:

  • Benchmarking Tools and Techniques (continued)
  • Designing and Preparing for a Benchmarking Study
  • Selecting Benchmarking Partners
  • Preparing for conducting the benchmarking visit
  • Reporting results of Benchmarking and Auditing Studies
  • DuPont Analysis – Advanced Benchmarking Conducting a Maintenance Benchmarking Study

Unit 5: Auditing, Benchmarking, and Maintenance Improvement:

  • Benchmarking Simulation Case Study
  • Integrating Benchmarking resulting in improvement and objective setting processes
  • Integrating Maintenance Auditing and Benchmarking into the Performance Measurement System to establish improvement objectives and strategies
  • Review of Best Practice Benchmarks and Case Studies
  • Conclusion

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