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Maintenance Planning: Building An Effective Planning System And A Competent Team



Whether you are new to maintenance planning or you have been doing maintenance planning and scheduling for a while, this course in maintenance planning will give you the knowledge, insights, and skills that are most valuable to your career.

Maintenance planning plays a critical role within the overall physical asset management processes yet, many organizations are still struggling to get it implemented properly and reap the benefits that it brings. Understanding the processes behind this operational level strategy enables you to identify the gaps in your skillset and your organization so that you can acquire and apply whatever is outstanding to the benefit of yourself and your organization. As a result of your participation in this Maintenance Planning training seminar, you will also understand your role and responsibilities within an effective maintenance planning function.

This training course emphasizes the following key processes and techniques of maintenance planning that are necessary to sustain the reliability of our assets.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Set up master data to support asset maintenance
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of programmed maintenance
  • Develop task plans and procedures that meet safety, quality, and efficiency criteria
  • Initiate the acquisition of logistics to enable execution of backlog work
  • Compile a work schedule for a forthcoming period in consultation with stakeholders
  • Produce performance indicator based reports that expose problem areas

Targeted Audience:

  • Planners
  • Maintenance and Reliability Engineers
  • Planning Engineers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Maintenance Team Leaders and Managers
  • Operations Team Leaders and Managers
  • Technical Support Staff

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: The Building Blocks of a Modern Maintenance Management System:

  • The ‘Asset Healthcare Model’
  • Asset Master Data
  • Organisation Master Data
  • Maintenance Logistics Planning
  • Practical Exercise and Discussion

Unit 2: Programmed Maintenance Development and Planning:

  • Criticality Grading
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • Programmed Task Selection Criteria and Tools
  • CMMS Task Plans and Work Orders
  • Corrective Maintenance Task Procedures
  • Practical Exercise and Discussion

Unit 3: Work Management:

  • Work Management Process Model
  • Defect Reporting and Notifications
  • Backlog Control
  • Capacity Planning and Resourcing
  • Schedule with Consensus of Stakeholders
  • Practical Exercise and Discussion

Unit 4: Shutdown and Turnaround Management:

  • Network Planning and Critical Path Scheduling
  • Resource Profile
  • Resource Leveling and Balancing to Optimise the Schedule and Resource Profile
  • Shutdown and Turnaround Progress Tracking and Control
  • Practical Exercise and Discussion

Unit 5: Performance Management:

  • Setting-up Performance Indicators and Data Sources
  • Work Management Performance Indicators
  • Asset Maintenance Effectiveness Performance Indicators
  • Cost Control Performance Indicators
  • Planning Performance Indicators
  • Practical Exercise and Discussion

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