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Leading with Critical Thinking , Creativity and Innovation



Creativity is a learnable skill that can be used in all aspects of work life processes and communications, not just in the creation of novel products and services. It is not just the purview of talented artists. When you bring imagination to bear on the problems and tasks you encounter at work, you'll start to make strides you never imagined were possible. You'll have the assurance that you're truly at the cutting edge of creativity, capable of weighing multiple viewpoints, and foreseeing a wider variety of possibilities.

You will learn how to enhance both your team's and your own creative capabilities in this Leading with Critical Thinking, Creativity & Innovation training course.

Course Objectives

  • fostering a culture of innovation and creativity at the workplace
  • New ways of thinking, acting, and being are made possible by realizing and exploiting the enormous capabilities of our brains.
  • learning how to comfortably and creatively communicate your ideas
  • combining reason with gut feeling to arrive at more sensible decisions
  • overcoming innovative obstacles and challenging accepted methods for dealing with employment difficulties
  • Create teams that are adaptable, imaginative, and motivated.

Targeted Audience

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • HR Professionals
  • Team Members who require high levels of creativity and innovation in their jobs
  • Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Course Outline

Unit 1: The Creative Brain – Exploring Ways of Thinking 

  • What is Creativity? What is Innovation?
  • Creativity and Self-Perception
  • Measuring Creativity
  • Divergent vs. Convergence Thinking
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Left and Right Brain Roles in the Innovation and Creativity Process
  • Ways to Boost Your Creativity


Unit 2: Leadership – Igniting the Creative Spark in your Team 

  • Big Picture Thinking – Why are we here?  What are we trying to create?
  • The Big 5 P’s of Creativity – Philosophy, Place, People, Process and Product
  • Vision Boards – Harnessing the Power of Intention
  • Tapping into and Motivating Talent
  • Empowering Individual and Team Creativity
  • Harnessing the Power of Conflict and Differences

Unit 3: Critical Thinking - Evaluating and Presenting Ideas 

  • Insight and Intuition – Trusting your Gut
  • Logical and Intuitive Decision Making
  • Is this Practical? – A Checklist for Feasibility
  • Presenting Ideas through Metaphor and Analogy
  • The Power of Story Telling
  • The Power of Visuals in Presenting your Ideas
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change


Unit 4: Creativity and Innovation in a Brave New World 

  • Using Technology to Enhance Creativity
  • Spotting Trends and Setting Trends
  • Developing a Creative Working Environment
  • Develop a Culture of Creativity and Innovation
  • Learning from Successful Companies
  • Advice from the Best Creative Minds

Unit 5: Creativity and Problem Solving Processes 

  • An Overview of Different Problem Solving Processes
  • Methods of Analysis
  • How to Become a Creative Genius
  • Overcoming Creative Blocks
  • Mind Mapping – The Swiss Army Knife of the Brain
  • The Six Hat Approach
  • A Toolbox of Creative Thinking Methodologies

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