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Market Research and Intelligence



This online training course in market research and intelligence is intended to provide marketing professionals with the tools they need to boost sales, maximize the return on their marketing investments, and build client loyalty. Market research explains what is happening as it happens so you can tactically respond. In order to anticipate strategically, market intelligence gives situational information and interpretation. You will become more familiar with both traditional and cutting-edge methods for designing and analyzing market research with this online training course. You'll discover how to pinpoint the fundamental business problems, plan the research project, gather the necessary information, and assess the findings.

Market intelligence, to put it simply, is the use of various sources of data to build a comprehensive picture of the company's current market, consumers, issues, competitors, and growth potential for new goods and services. Market intelligence offers a variety of competitive advantages, and there are significant dangers associated with forgoing such data investment. The fundamental learning goals of this sales and marketing online training course will be especially helpful for participants who are in charge of organizing sales and marketing strategies to boost revenue growth.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Knowing the impact of market intelligence and how marketing research is used in it
  • quickly and precisely decipher nonverbal cues from your customers
  • Use a SWOT analysis to find chances for business growth.
  • Examine the most recent trends and best practices in market research.
  • Depending on the needs of the survey, distinguish between the various questionnaire design forms.
  • To attain marketing goals, create a marketing research and intelligence strategy.

Targeted Audience

  • Directors of marketing
  • VPs of marketing
  • Directors and managers of marketing
  • Professionals in market research and intelligence
  • Managers of Customer Relationships
  • Sales Directors
  • Managers of brands
  • company owners

Course Outline

Unit 1: Marketing to the “Voice of the Customer”       

  • What do clients anticipate from your business?
  • Advantages of promoting consumer feedback
  • improvement of listening and questioning abilities
  • How to provide and accept helpful customer comments
  • recognizing nonverbal cues from your customers' movements
  • Marketing to the four "Buying Styles" of consumers

Unit 2: Key Elements of Market Research and Intelligence   

  • Market research and intelligence are different
  • Lifecycle of a product
  • The marketing mix's four ps
  • SWOT evaluation
  • segmentation tactics for the market
  • principles of social media marketing

Market Research Best Practices  

  • Benefits of market research
  • Types of market research
  • Market research best practices
  • Advantages and disadvantages of customer focus groups
  • Group think

Unit 3:  Market Intelligence Best Practices 

  • Market intelligence advantages
  • market intelligence types
  • comparison with the opposition
  • Data transformation into market insight
  • Using data analysis to spot patterns
  • How to more successfully innovate with market intelligence

Unit 4: Customer-Focused Engagement Marketing Strategy

  • Best and worst companies offering customer service
  • recognizing internal and external client expectations
  • lifetime worth of the client
  • going above and beyond
  • constructing a customer-centered marketing strategy
  • Techniques for customer service recovery

Unit 5: Putting Market Research Results into Action   

  • a strategy to increase the efficiency of marketing
  • establishing marketing objectives for ongoing development
  • Strategies for managing stakeholder change
  • How to implement marketing research
  • Course evaluation and evaluation

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