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Master Essential Management and Leadership Skills



This training program is a comprehensive development program that addresses the key skills, qualities, and attributes of both Leadership and Management. The training will cover all aspects of leadership and management with the main emphasis being on the human side of leading and managing people.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Learn the differences between management and leadership skills.

  • Develop confidence and proficiency in fulfilling role demands.

  • Master techniques for motivating, influencing, and communicating with diverse individuals and teams.

  • Understand the key tenets of authentic leadership: trust, vision, respect, and interpersonal communication.

  • Cultivate enduring human relationships to enhance business performance.

  • Acquire skills to organize, motivate, and unite work teams for enhanced effectiveness.

  • Gain diverse management and leadership skills applicable both within and beyond the organization.

  • Devote to planning, effectiveness, and efficiencies through applied management skills.

Targeted Audience:

  • Head of departments.

  • New managers.

  • New Supervisors.

  • Supervisors & Team leaders.

  • Employees who are interested in gaining great experience to improve their career.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Leadership Fundamentals:

  • Importance of perception.

  • Intrapersonal & interpersonal skills for the leader.

  • Understanding the Model for leadership and Removing emotional blind-spots.

  • Optimizing the leader's natural strengths.

  • Understanding team processes, Aligning vision, aims, and objectives.

  • Performance measurement.

  • Coaching process to correct poor performance and to challenge.

  • Self-coaching and the power to change.

Unit 2:

Effective Communication and Team Building:

  • The positive influence of listening.

  • Sharpening your listening skills.

  • Body language.

  • Inspiring and guiding others.

  • Handling stress appropriately.

  • Building effective teams.

Unit 3:

Performance Management and Resource Allocation:

  • From measurement to improvement.

  • Coaching and influencing upwards.

  • Risk and its managementm, Balancing the important and the urgent.

  • Setting personal goals and Creating time from nothing.

  • Batch processing and time management techniques.

  • Income-producing activities.

  • Getting things done through other people.

  • Delegation and empowerment.

Unit 4:

Leadership Influence and Motivation:

  • Negotiation and persuasion: the pillars of influence.

  • The secret six in business negotiation.

  • The nature of motivation.

  • The trust bank account.

  • Ethics.

  • Personal leadership style.

  • Leadership in action: group exercise.

Unit 5:

Holistic Leadership Development:

  • Prioritization, Time Management, and Delegation.

  • Balancing work and home life.

  • Understanding the stages of human development.

  • Your preferred behavioral style.

  • Communication strategies for leaders.

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