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Mastering Contracting and Purchasing



This training program provides participants with a thorough understanding of the essential principles and advanced techniques in purchasing and contracting. It empowers them to implement best practices that enhance operational efficiency and drive organizational success.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of purchasing and contracting.

  • Develop skills to optimize procurement processes.

  • Learn techniques for effective negotiation and contract management.

  • Implement strategies to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

  • Enhance supplier relationship management skills.

Targeted Audience:

  • Procurement Professionals.

  • Contract Managers.

  • Supply Chain Managers.

  • Purchasing Officers.

  • Legal Professionals.

  • Business Executives.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

Fundamentals of Purchasing:

  • Overview of purchasing principles and processes.

  • Role of purchasing in the supply chain.

  • Identifying and selecting suppliers.

  • Developing purchasing strategies.

  • Case studies on successful purchasing practices.

Unit 2:

Procurement Planning:

  • Importance of procurement planning.

  • Steps in developing a procurement plan.

  • Aligning procurement with organizational goals.

  • Budgeting and cost estimation.

  • Case studies on effective procurement planning.

Unit 3:

Supplier Selection and Evaluation:

  • Criteria for selecting suppliers.

  • Techniques for evaluating supplier performance.

  • Supplier risk assessment and mitigation.

  • Building and maintaining supplier relationships.

  • Case studies on supplier selection and evaluation.

Unit 4:

Contract Negotiation:

  • Principles of effective negotiation.

  • Strategies for successful contract negotiation.

  • Techniques for achieving win-win outcomes.

  • Managing negotiation impasses and conflicts.

  • Case studies on contract negotiation.

Unit 5:

Contract Drafting and Formation:

  • Key elements of a contract.

  • Best practices in drafting clear and enforceable contracts.

  • Common clauses in purchasing and contracting agreements.

  • Legal considerations in contract formation.

  • Case studies on contract drafting.

Unit 6:

Contract Management and Administration:

  • Techniques for effective contract management.

  • Monitoring contract performance and compliance.

  • Managing contract amendments and modifications.

  • Ensuring adherence to contractual obligations.

  • Case studies on contract management and administration.

Unit 7:

Risk Management in Purchasing and Contracting:

  • Identifying risks in procurement and contracting.

  • Strategies for risk mitigation and management.

  • Developing a risk management plan.

  • Handling disputes and breaches of contract.

  • Case studies on risk management.

Unit 8:

Cost Control and Reduction:

  • Techniques for controlling procurement costs.

  • Implementing cost reduction strategies.

  • Leveraging economies of scale and scope.

  • Negotiating better pricing and terms.

  • Case studies on cost control and reduction.

Unit 9:

Ethical and Sustainable Purchasing:

  • Principles of ethical procurement.

  • Incorporating sustainability in purchasing decisions.

  • Addressing social and environmental considerations.

  • Ensuring compliance with ethical standards.

  • Case studies on ethical and sustainable purchasing.

Unit 10:

Technology in Purchasing and Contracting:

  • Role of technology in modern procurement.

  • Utilizing e-procurement tools and platforms.

  • Implementing procurement software and systems.

  • Enhancing procurement processes through automation.

  • Case studies on technology in purchasing and contracting.

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