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Mastering Project Management



This training program reviews the fundamental principles of project management which form the bedrock of every successful project and uncovers the key attributes needed to become a master of project management. This program takes the essential attributes of project management to the next level by identifying how projects have evolved and applies the latest tools and techniques to help existing and aspiring project managers become genuine masters in project management. 

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand The nature of project complexity and the project life-cycle.

  • Understand  The twenty project management sequence steps.

  • How to define and manage project roles and responsibilities.

  • How to keep projects under control, within schedule and budget.

  • How to identify, analyse and effectively manage project risks.

  • The importance of project leadership, team-building and stakeholder management.

Targeted Audience:

  • Project Directors & Managers.

  • Plant Managers & Superintendents.

  • Project Planners & Estimators.

  • Quality Assurance Managers & Engineers.

  • Contract & Procurement Managers.

  • Project & Discipline Engineers.

  • Specialist Technicians & Technical Assistants.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1: 

The Fundamentals of Project Management:

  • Key Definitions in Project Management.

  • The Project Life-Cycle.

  • Project Complexity Factors.

  • Project Strategizing and Managing the Triple Constraint.

  • Project Context & Environment.

  • Key Financial Concepts.

Unit 2:

Project Planning and Organising:

  • The 20 Project Management Sequence Steps.

  • Defining Project Scope and Developing Work & Cost Breakdown Structures.

  • Project Management Roles & Responsibilities.

  • Project Planning Inputs, Tools & Techniques.

  • Project Estimating Techniques.

  • Project Scheduling Methods.

Unit 3:

Implementing, Executing and Controlling Projects:

  • Project Implementation & Resource Management.

  • Developing Project Control Systems.

  • Keeping Projects On-Track & Controlling Change.

  • Project Performance Measurement & Key Performance Indicators.

  • Earned Value Management.

  • Project Progress Measurement from Initiation to Handover.

Unit 4:

Project Risk Management:

  • Risk Management Planning.

  • Risk Identification.

  • Qualitative Risk Analysis.

  • Quantitative Risk Analysis.

  • Risk Response Planning & Implementing.

  • Controlling Project Risks.

Unit 5:

Project Leadership and Stakeholder Management:

  • Understanding Leadership & Management.

  • Working in Project Teams.

  • The Team Development Cycle.

  • Keys to Effective Influence & Persuasion.

  • Improving Communication, Delegation & Motivating Skills.

  • Managing Stakeholders & Stakeholder Expectations.

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