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Mastering Sales & Marketing in the Age of New Social Media



Although important, customers are not equally crucial. Customers frequently encounter an overwhelming selection of vendors who can meet their wide variety of needs. In contrast, businesses only have a limited amount of resources at their disposal to provide for these clients. The core of key account management is determining the best plan for each client and matching strategy, tactics, and resources accordingly. Delegates will learn a solid, tested, and qualitative method for identifying clients and then creating individualized tactics for each.

This online training course will examine best practices and assist participants in identifying areas in which their knowledge and techniques need to be improved. You will master vital core account management skills in this online training course, including how to properly manage your most important current clients, which will promote client loyalty and customer satisfaction.

All attendees will be equipped to manage important accounts effectively after completing this highly entertaining and useful online training course on key account management. Businesses are changing quickly, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable, and technology is being used more than ever, which opens up new purchasing channels and fantastic prospects for the contemporary key account manager looking to maximize sales and profitability. Organizational purchasing practices are changing as a result of technological advancements, shifting market dynamics, and mounting cost pressure.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Implement the entire critical account management procedure.
  • Create plans and techniques that are appropriate for all of your clients by categorizing them all using a tried-and-true qualitative approach.
  • Concentrate efforts, resources, and time on creating essential accounts.
  • Display competence and assurance when handling important accounts.
  • Showcase how to create an Account pipeline for future expansion.
  • Improve your interactions with important clients.
  • Establish long-lasting, mutually beneficial connections

Targeted Audience

  • Experts in new business development
  • Managers of major accounts, strategic accounts, global accounts, and key accounts
  • Senior Sales Staff and Account Managers on the Key Account Support Team that are interested in Key Account Management
  • Directors and sales managers who want to establish a critical account management approach within their company
  • Directors of marketing and marketing managers
  • Sales managers and directors
  • Course Outline

Unit 1: What is Key Account Management (KAM)?

  • How to Describe Your Key Account Strategy
  • Establishing a Key Account Management (KAM) Strategy
  • Justification for action
  • What's at play here?
  • Who is a party?
  • How should we carry out the Key Account Management (KAM) plan?
  • How to Avoid Pitfalls & Traps

Unit 2: Selecting Key Accounts 

  • What number of Key Accounts are ideal?
  • It doesn't matter who the key client is; what matters is whether they see you as a key supplier.
  • Sorting out our Accounting Process
  • Exercise in classifying our accounts

Unit 3: Understanding our Key Accounts, How they work and what they really want 

  • Segmenting accounts
    Recognizing the Decision-Making Process of the Customer
    Recognize what motivates the customer
    How to Create Strong Value Propositions for Every Type
    Knowing the Internal Politics of the Customer and How to Use Them
    Recognizing the Impact of the Macroenvironment on Each Customer
    How to Persuade Others
    How to Create Strong Customer Offerings

Unit 4:Leading a Key Account Management (KAM) Team and Leading Ourselves

  • The Skills and Qualities of Outstanding Key Account Managers
  • The Competencies Needed to Manage Key and International Accounts
  • Finding Outstanding Key Account Managers
  • Characteristics of Outstanding Key Account Managers
  • Key account managers receiving coaching and mentoring
  • Skills in Persuasion and Communication for Key Accounts
  • Skills for Consultative Selling

Unit 5: Implementing Your Key Account Management (KAM) Strategy 

  • Building Trust
  • Using Social Media in Each Segment
  • Resourcing for Key Account Management (KAM)
  • Account Objective Setting
  • Putting Your Key Account Management (KAM) Plan Together

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