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Mercury Analysis DMA-80 evo



Milestone's DMA-80 is a direct mercury analyzer that uses the principle of thermal decomposition, amalgamation, and atomic absorption. The DMA-80 can analyze both solid and liquid matrices with equal precision. The Milestone DMA-80 evo is a direct mercury analyzer of solid, liquid, and gas samples.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Introduction of Mercury Analysis DMA-80 evo
  • Installation of Mercury Analysis DMA-80 evo
  • Mercury Analysis Industry leading performances
  • What is a direct mercury analyzer used for?
  • What is the detection limit of DMA-80?

Targeted Audience

  • All types of managers
  • Engineers

Course Outline

Unit 1:

  • No sample preparation or other wet chemistry prior to the analysis.
  •  Speed of analysis, components' long lifetime, sample boats durability maximum cost-effectiveness of DMA-1 mercury determination system.
  • Standard method compliance.

Unit 2:

  • Sample Matrix
  • Memory Effect
  • DMA-80 mercury determination system can analyze any matrix 

Unit 3:

  • Successful direct mercury analyzer in the market 
  • Determination of Total Mercury in Environmental Samples
  • Measuring Total Mercury Content in Fish Tissues
  • Fast and Direct Mercury Analysis in the Cement Industry

Unit 4:

  • Determination of Total Mercury in Collectors and its committees.
  • Analyzing Mercury Analysis DMA-80 evo Contamination in the Peruvian Amazon
  • Robust and Reliable Approach To Mercury Analysis DMA-80 evo  


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