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Organisational Development Masterclass



The goal of organizational development (OD) is to improve corporate performance by aligning an organization's people, systems, and structure with its strategy. Reduced staff turnover, better productivity, and a sustainable competitive advantage are possible outcomes of this process of ongoing and proactive organizational reform.

However, a lot of organizations do not employ an integrated OD strategy. People who work with OD frequently have trouble explaining what it is and the benefits it provides.

Your organization's value may be demonstrated to them by using the organizational development masterclass to establish an integrated approach to OD. For practitioners, it offers a solid theoretical and practical foundation.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the development of OD, its goals, and the role of the OD practitioner.
  • Simply and commercially-driven but creatively position and explain the value of OD to your organization.
  • Recognize the requirements for successful OD delivery at the individual and functional levels.
  • Get a realistic understanding of the difficulties involved
  • Take tools with you so you can use what you have learnt at work.
  • Deploy tools to evaluate the efficiency of an organization and provide guidance on the use of diagnostic models to gauge the organization's health
  • Gather information to help you manage and start organizational changes, knowing how data and intervention type are related

Targeted Audience

  • Human resources professionals, consultants, trainers and other personnel and office administration managers and other functions in the organization
  • Manager or leaders leading change projects
  • Senior Leaders

Course Outline

Unit 1:Introduction to Organizational Development

  • Where does OD come from? What is it?
  • What benefit does it bring?
  • What connection does it have to HR?
  • What does it resemble in real life?
  • removing the mystique surrounding organizations and utilizing organizational models
  • Thinking in layers' and taking the organization's overall perspective
  • The OD Mindset: systemic thinking
  • Understanding OD interventions

Unit 2: Work of OD, its Concepts, and its Methods

  • Entry procedure
  • Organizational Diagnosis Using Transactional Analysis
  • OD as a consulting method
  • Getting to the core of the issue at hand
  • Interventions in OD

Unit 3:


  • Making Tools for Data Collection
  • Getting Feedback Sessions Ready and Running Them
  • Interviewing and receiving feedback
  • Data Collection and Analysis Using Big Data
  • Providing Information and Observations
  • Plan for obtaining data
  • Establishing Priorities and Getting Buy-In


  • the genesis of strategy
  • Planning in advance
  • Analysis of SWOT
  • goal statement
  • Goals and objectives
  • Objects of Strategy
  • OD approach
  • Centricity of Competence
  • Centricity of Reimbursement
  • Centricity of Performance
  • Choosing Action Plans
  • Establishing Project Plans

Unit 4:


  • The creation of OD interventions
  • Putting Customer Needs in Order
  • How do you manage a change?
  • Putting Change Management Process in Place
  • Internal Customer Engagement and Satisfaction
  • Evaluation of Change-Sustaining Results


  • Getting the business ready for maintenance
  • establishing a preventative mechanism
  • Expenditures and final outcomes ROI
  • Sustainability auditing
  • proactiveness and ongoing improvement
  • Diagnostic vs. Dialogue

Unit 5: Choosing a Model and Approach for Organizational Design

  • Arguing for organizational design
  • Connecting architectural decisions to economic strategies
  • Addressing the risks in the project of organizational design
  • Leaders and other stakeholders are involved
  • Tracking development both throughout and after the design process.

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