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Production Planning and Control



The Production Planning and Control program optimizes manufacturing efficiency through resource coordination and scheduling, ensuring timely and cost-effective production while maintaining quality. Production planning, scheduling activities, and controlling of processes represent essential activities to be performed and monitored by organizations as they implement their key processes, activities, and operations.  

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program the participants will be able to:

  • Think in terms of process-value added to customers and shareholders.

  • Integrate the organization's strategic planning with production planning and scheduling.

  • Understand the importance of production planning in a wider context of the overall success of the business.

  • Explore traditional versus innovative production techniques.

  • Consider the customer relationship with marketing and production.

Targeted Audience:

  • Office Managers and Coordinators.

  • Executive Secretaries.

  • Administrative Assistants.

  • Administrative Managers.

  • Executive Assistants.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:


  • The production/operations function and the organization.

  • Forecasting the requirements.

  • Linking the production/operations function with marketing and the wider organization environment.

  • Production/operations management and financial management.

  • Production/operations management in manufacturing and service environments.

Unit 2:

The Product of Services:

  • Marketing and product/service design.

  • Product/service; variety and value.

  • Quality.

  • Product, service, operations, and competitive strategies.

Unit 3:

The Process:

  • Production/operating systems design.

  • Manufacturing systems design.

  • Method study.

  • Work measurement.

  • Controlling quality through measurement.

Unit 4:

Scheduling and Control:

  • Operations control.

  • Forecasting.

  • Capacity management.

  • Operations Scheduling.

  • Inventory management.

Unit 5:

Managing the Operation:

  • Purchasing.

  • Manufacturing planning and control systems.

  • Production/operations and people management.

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