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Project Leadership Dynamics Traits



The Project Leadership Dynamics training program covers different leadership traits, characteristics, behaviors, and styles. It examines interpersonal styles and skills as they affect project leadership, motivation, team dynamics, trust, and employee empowerment. The integration between concepts is covered with the view to create more opportunities for your project to succeed while maintaining your integrity.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program the participants will be able to:

  • Enhance Project Leadership Skills Practically.

  • Exercise Concepts for Power and Influence.

  • Manage Corporate Politics Across Levels.

  • Master Power Forms for Project Success.

  • Identify Negotiation Principles and Methods.

  • Develop Strategies for Common Goals.

Targeted Audience:

  • Project Managers.

  • Team Leaders.

  • Project Technical.

  • Workstream Leaders.

  • Project Sponsors / Owners.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

The Nature of Project Environment and Organisational Politics:

  • Challenges in Project Environments: Politics as a Fact-of-Life.

  • Project Management: The Art of Politics.

  • Organizational Politics Across Project Lifecycles.

  • Impact of Organizational Culture on Project Management.

  • Project Politics: Stakeholder Roles and Influence.

Unit 2:

Project Leadership:

  • Effective Project Leadership Traits.

  • Building Blocks and Attitudes in Project Leadership.

  • Understanding Project Leadership Styles.

  • Personality, Self-Awareness, and Project Leadership.

  • Balancing IQ and EQ in Project Leadership.

Unit 3:

The Use of Power and Influence in Project Leadership:

  • Power Dynamics and Leadership Excellence in Projects.

  • Sources of Power and its Necessity in Projects.

  • Project Leadership Empowerment and Personal Development.

  • Tactics for Influence and Effective Leadership.

  • Cultivating Trust and Credibility in Project Leadership.

  • The Role of Communication in Building Trust and Agreement in Projects.

Unit 4:

Negotiation for Maximizing Project Results:

  • Understanding the Need for Project Negotiations.

  • The Project Leader's Role in Negotiations.

  • Preparing for Negotiations in Project Settings.

  • Active Listening and Stakeholder Negotiations.

  • Managing Emotions and Conflict in Project Negotiations.

  • Principle-based Approaches to Project Negotiations.

Unit 5:

Project Leadership Development:

  • Self-Awareness’ and Self-Discipline Skills for Project Leaders.

  • Project Leadership Learning and Mentoring.

  • Leadership Transitions in a Project Environment.

  • Devising a Political Strategy for Project Team Members.

  • Creating a Positive Project Culture.

  • Dealing with Project Stakeholders in a Multi Relationships Management.

  • Be the Whole Project Leader Package.

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