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Project Leadership in Action: Power, Influence, Politics and Negotiations



Leadership in project management is a journey of discovery. It begins with finding the best of who you are and continues with developing and nurturing your ideal leadership identity to develop skills that will make projects more successful. This conference will reinforce your leadership identity to become sustainable with every action you take, or decision you make in all your projects.

In the context of managing projects, the more people abilities you have, the better you can get the job done. Accordingly, this conference pays special attention to enhancing your ability to leverage personal skills to positively influence others. It presents the skills and methods needed to gracefully and assertively influence others in a project over which you do not have direct control.

The conference covers different leadership traits, characteristics, behaviors, and styles. It examines interpersonal styles and skills as they affect project leadership, motivation, team dynamics, trust, and employee empowerment. The integration between concepts is covered with the view to create more opportunities for your project to succeed while maintaining your integrity.

Finally, the conference focuses on getting what a project needs through negotiation. It demonstrates how influence tactics, personal power, and organizational politics can all be used while involved in various aspects of project negotiating.

Conference Objectives:

At the end of this conference the participants will be able to: 

  • Learn practical techniques to enhance their project leadership skills
  • Exercise a wide range of concepts to enhance their power and ability to influence others
  • Manage corporate politics at the project level as well as the senior management level
  • Master forms of power and evaluate strategies to increase their total power to make the project succeed
  • Identify principles, guidelines, and common methods of negotiation on projects
  • Develop negotiating strategies that focus on interests and common goals of projects instead of positions
  • Discover their own unique leadership identity and learning how to project a more dynamic image
  • Learn how to nurture and continue developing their leadership identity
  • Become more politically astute while maintaining their integrity and ethics
  • Understand the range of skills and competencies required to influence and negotiate project needs more effectively
  • Apply lessons learned to refine their skills in gaining and using influence positively
  • Increase levels of confidence in negotiating with project stakeholders
  • Learn how to protect themselves against the pitfalls of intra-organizational politics

Targeted Audience:

  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Technical 
  • Workstream Leaders
  • Project Sponsors / Owners

Conference Outlines:

Unit 1: The Nature of Project Environment and Organisational Politics

  • Challenges in the Project Environment
  • Politics: Project Management Fact-of-life
  • Project Management: A Political Art
  • Organizational Politics and the Project Lifecycle
  • Organisational Culture and Its Impact on Project Management
  • Project Politics and Self-Awareness
  • The Role and Influence of Project Stakeholders
  • Factors that Contribute to Organisational and Project Politics
  • Political Behaviours for Project Team Members
  • Guidelines for Developing Political Skills Necessary for Project Team Members
  • The Need in a Project Environment for Result-based Leadership

Unit 2: Project Leadership:

  • Traits of Effective Project Leadership
  • Project Leadership Attitudes
  • The Three Building Blocks of Project Leadership
  • Project Leadership Styles
  • How Personality and Self-Awareness Assists in Project Leadership
  • The Concepts of IQ vs. EQ in Project Leadership
  • Project Team Leadership: Communication and Coaching
  • Behaviors that Develop Exceptional Project Leaders
  • Project Leaders in Action

Unit 3: The Use of Power and Influence in Project Leadership:

  • How Power and Leadership can Create Excellence in Project Leadership
  • The Necessity of Power in Projects
  • Sources of Power
  • Project Leadership and Powerful vs. Powerless Talk
  • Building a Sense of Personal Project Leadership Power
  • Empowerment Models and Practices
  • Influence Tactics for Project Leaders
  • Key to Successful Influence in Project Leadership
  • Attitudes and Behaviours of Project Stakeholders
  • Developing Dimensions of Credibility in Projects
  • Project Leadership Trust-Building
  • Why The Communication / Trust /Agreement Relationship is Necessary in Project Leadership
  • Project Leaders in Action

Unit 4: Negotiation for Maximizing Project Results:

  • Why Projects have The Need to Negotiate
  • The Project Leader as Negotiator
  • Preparing for Project Related Negotiations
  • Active Listening and Negotiation with Project Stakeholders
  • Emotions and Conflict in Project Related Negotiations
  • Principle-based Project Related Negotiations
  • Common Negotiating Errors
  • Negotiation Tactics Necessary for Project Leaders
  • How Persuasion and Delegation can be used for Success in Projects

Unit 5: Project Leadership Development:

  • Self-Awareness’ and Self-Discipline Skills for Project Leaders
  • Project Leadership Learning and Mentoring
  • Leadership Transitions in a Project Environment
  • Devising a Political Strategy for Project Team Members
  • Creating a Positive Project Culture
  • Dealing with Project Stakeholders in a Multi Relationships Management
  • Be the Whole Project Leader Package

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