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Project Leadership Management and Communications



The Project Leadership Management and Communications program is a training program designed to equip professionals with the essential skills required to lead projects effectively while fostering efficient communication within teams and stakeholders. Through a combination of theoretical insights and practical application, this program empowers individuals to navigate complex project dynamics, inspire teams, and ensure successful project outcomes through clear and impactful communication.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key concepts and principles of project leadership and management.

  • Learn about effective communication strategies for project teams.

  • Analyze case studies of successful project leadership and management.

  • Develop skills for creating and implementing project plans, budgets, and timelines.

  • Network with other professionals working in project management and leadership.

Targeted Audience:

  • Project managers.

  • Team leaders.

  • Professionals working in project management, operations and program management.

  • Project team members, stakeholders, and project managers of different levels of experience and industries.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Introduction to Project Leadership and Management:

  • Overview of project leadership and management.

  • Key principles and practices of project leadership and management.

  • Understanding the project life cycle.

  • Developing a project plan.

Unit 2:

Project Communications:

  • Overview of project communications.

  • Understanding the importance of effective communications.

  • Identifying stakeholders and their communication needs.

  • Developing a communication plan.

Unit 3:

Project Risk Management:

  • Overview of project risk management.

  • Identifying and assessing project risks.

  • Developing a risk management plan.

  • Managing project risks and issues.

Unit 4:

Project Team Management:

  • Overview of project team management.

  • Understanding team dynamics.

  • Developing a team management plan.

  • Managing team performance and motivation.

Unit 5:

Project Stakeholder Management:

  • Overview of project stakeholder management.

  • Identifying and assessing stakeholders.

  • Developing a stakeholder management plan.

  • Managing stakeholder expectations and engagement.

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