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Project Management In Non-Contractual Situations


  • Understanding of How Project Management "Works"
  • Critical Success Factors for Project Managers
  • Development of Team and Leadership Skills
  • Managing by Setting Up Teams
  • Understanding of the Latest Tools and Methodologies covering the whole range of Project Management Concerns
  • Development of Specific Practical Technical Skills ...
  • Relevant Data Identification Collection
  • Estimating Budgeting
  • Project Planning Scheduling
  • Risk Assessment Contingency Planning (Emphasis throughout)
  • Value Engineered Decision Making and Setting Priorities
  • Understanding and Managing Politics of the Project Parties
  • Change Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Quality Assurance (Emphasis throughout)
  • Negotiating Productively on Projects
  • Managing Multiple Projects
  • Project Reporting
  • Increasing Personal Productivity

Other Workshop Topics Include:

  • Key Project Opportunities for Improvement
  • New Technologies
  • Case Studies - the Lessons that can be drawn from past failures.

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