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Project Management MBA



A Project Management MBA program is an advanced training program that combines the principles of project management with traditional MBA coursework. It provides a comprehensive understanding of both business management strategies and project management methodologies. Participants of this program are prepared to lead projects effectively within various organizational settings while integrating project objectives with broader business goals..

Program Objectives:

At the end of the program, participants will be abl to:

  • Mastering Project Outcomes Prediction and Material Price Volatility Management.

  • Importance of Planning and Effective Planning Process Management.

  • Understanding Contract Types, Risk Transfer, and Taking Action.

  • Exploring Pricing Models and Proposal Preparation Techniques.

  • Maintaining Team Focus on Delivery Goals and Negotiation Skill Development.

  • Establishing Project Monitoring and Control Disciplines and Contractor Price Analysis Understanding.

Targeted Audience:

  • Contracts and Contract Administration Professionals.

  • Tendering and Purchasing Professionals.

  • Engineering, Operational and Maintenance Professionals.

  • Project Managers.

  • Finance Personnel.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Introduction to Projects:

  • What is a project?

  • Benefits of project management.

  • Why do some projects fail?

  • What makes you a ‘Master’ of project management.

  • Project team and leadership.

  • What is the team approach?

  • Roles in and around projects.

Unit 2:

Identify Your Outcomes and Plan for Achievement:

  • The importance of knowing your outcomes.

  • Project planning.

  • Handling uncertainty.

  • Decision analysis under risk.

  • Defining project success criteria.

  • Planning issues.

  • Elements of a great project plan.

Unit 3:

Organize for Success and Gain & Maintain Commitment:

  • Personal attitudes and human behaviors.

  • Gaining and maintaining commitment.

  • The keys to effective influence and persuasion.

  • Understanding interpersonal project team dynamics.

  • Empowerment.

  • The project support office.

  • Effective delegation.

Unit 4:

Monitor and Control Achievements:

  • Data, information, and knowledge management.

  • Integrating project scope, time, and cost.

  • Performance measures and indicators to monitor performance.

  • Achieving practical conflict management.

  • Determinants of project success.

  • Lessons learned and creating a learning culture.

  • Enhancing personal effectiveness.

Unit 5:

Take Massive Action and Stay Focused:

  • Influences on decision making.

  • Problem-solving styles.

  • Engaging the project team.

  • Staying focused.

  • Effective time utilization.

  • Plan updating and changes handling.

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