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Project Planning, Scheduling and Control



A project is a task that is time-limited and has defined scope and resources. In getting this job done, a project manager faces new challenges all the time. These challenges can be overcome with an organized process, a good and cooperative team, and careful planning. In this course, participants will learn the fundamentals of project management to enable them expertly manage to deliver the on-time, on-budget results, learning, and integration that organizations need.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Run an organized project 
  • Plan ahead for the expected and non-expected 
  • Understand financial issues related to the project 
  • Set out evaluation criteria 
  • Survive with minimal loss when things get wrong 

Targeted Audience:

  • Team Leaders/Managers
  • Project Directors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Project Supervisors/Consultants/Coordinators
  • Executives
  • Anyone planning to become more effective in managing and implementing projects

Course Outlines:

Unit 1:

  • Introduction and Review of Project Fundamentals
  • Project Scope Planning and Definition
  • Scope Planning
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Work Packages
  • Statement of Work (SOW) – Technical Baseline
  • Scope Execution Plan
  • Project Deliverables

Unit 2:

  • Project Schedule Planning and Critical Path Method
  • Precedence Network Diagramming
  • Job Logic Relationship Chart
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Project Float Analysis
  • Line of Balance Scheduling (Recurring Activities)
  • Activity Duration Estimation
  • Project Acceleration Techniques
  • PERT Analysis – Schedule Risk Contingencies
  • Milestone Chart

Unit 3:

  • Project Resource Estimation and Planning
  • Project Estimating Processes
  • Production and Productivity Planning
  • Resource Estimating – Labour, Plant, Materials
  • Cost Estimating – Direct and Indirect Costs
  • Project Cost System – WBS Coding
  • Project budgeting
  • Project Cash Flow Analysis
  • Resource and Cost Allocation – Cost Baseline

Unit 4:

  • Project Execution Management and Control
  • Progress Tracking and Monitoring
  • Project Cost Management
  • Earned Value Control Process
  • Schedule Variances
  • Cost Variances
  • Progress Control Charts – Trend Analysis
  • Schedule and Cost Variance Forecasting
  • Labour Management and Cost Control
  • Materials Management and Cost Control
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Earned Value Reporting

Unit 5:

  • Project Recovery Plan Development
  • Project Variance Analysis and Quantification
  • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
  • Cost Performance Index (CPI)
  • Setting Schedule and Cost Control Limits
  • Project Recovery Data Assessment
  • Schedule and Cost Recovery Analysis
  • Schedule and Cost Recovery Plan
  • Project Recovery Baselines and Controls

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