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Public Relations and Media Skills



The Public Relations and Media Skills program is a comprehensive training initiative designed to equip individuals with the essential competencies needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of public relations and media relations through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. The program aims to empower individuals with the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in various PR and media-related roles.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program the participants will be able to:

  • Analyze and assess the latest public relations concepts and strategies in a variety of contexts.

  • Appraise certain public relations techniques and approaches appropriately geared to the working environment

  • Practice key public relations skills relating to verbal and written communication, as well as editorial, layout, and production techniques.

  • Improve their awareness of the main media skills in Public Relations.

  • Apply the main media skills and promotional tools in PR

  • Prepare, present and deliver effective oral messages in public

Targeted Audience:

  • Public Relations Officers

  • Managers and Supervisors in the areas of personnel, marketing, sales, training, and administration.

  • Managers and employees involved in media activities will also benefit from this course.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Public Relations Concepts:

  • Criteria for successful PR.

  • PR tools.

  • Definition, roles and situations.

  • Qualities for successful PR staff.

Unit 2:

Public Relations and Communication:

  • Importance of Communication in PR.

  • PR Officer's Role as Communicator.

  • Models of Communication Process.

  • Overcoming Communication Barriers.

  • Significance of Body Language in PR.

  • Essentials of Effective Writing and Design in PR Materials.

Unit 3:

Public Relations Responsibilities and the media:

  • Corporate image identity and reputation.

  • Benefits of an effective corporate image.

  • Internal and external spheres.

  • Forming a corporate image on the spheres.

  • Media Types and Preparation: Understanding media and interview skills.

  • Press Tactics: Conference strategies, crafting materials, and managing relations, including crisis communication.

Unit 4:

Enhancing PR Presentation and Writing Skills:

  • Key characteristics of dynamic speakers.

  • Importance of preparation and selecting a topic and its purpose.

  • Analyzing the audience.

  • Rehearsing the speech and dealing with public speaking anxiety.

  • Verbal characteristics and eye contact.

  • Editorial, Layout, and Production Techniques.

  • Creating Communication Materials: Writing memos, reports, newsletters, and designing brochures effectively.

Unit 5:

The Public Relations Promotional Role:

  • Decision-making process of consumers.

  • Corporate community involvement.

  • Marketing PR (MPR).

  • PR role in marketing.

  • Sponsorship and promotions.

  • Organizing different exhibitions.

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