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Result Based and Adaptive Management



This course will introduce you to the key principles, practices and tips that will enable you to manage your program effectively by adapting your portfolio, strategies and interventions based upon effective results measurement that is used for managing, learning and reporting results

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Improve program implementation
  • Respond to the increasing demand for solid results measurement
  • Foster a culture of honest inquiry, analyses and learning in your program;
  • Define appropriate organizational structures, processes, roles and responsibilities to support adaptive management;
  • Enable staff and managers to use information on result to improve program implementation and
  • maximize results;
  • Outline a practical and credible monitoring and results measurement system for your program;
  • Determine the resources – time, skills and money – needed for effective results measurement;
  • Establish the right incentives for staff to monitor and use information to manage interventions;
  • Report clearly and credibly on results at all stages of program implementation.

Targeted Audience

Team leaders or senior managers implementing a private sector development program

Course Outline

Unit 1:

  • Overview of adaptive management and the role of RM
  • Key aspects of RM for adaptive management

Unit 2:

  • Managing results chains and projections
  • Overseeing choices in monitoring and measuring

Unit 3:

  • Using information for program improvement
  • Setting up, improving and incentivising an adaptive management and RM system

Unit 4:

  • Reporting and communications
  • Manager exchanges

Unit 5:

  • Revision
  • Workshop

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