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Revenue Forecasting & Analysis (RFAX)



This Revenue Forecasting & Analysis training course will include the analysis and forecasting of revenues which are of critical importance in ensuring successful budgeting and in sustaining the financial health of the business. Demand planning or revenue forecasting is one most important aspects of any organization whether it is a service or a manufacturing organization.

This Revenue Forecasting & Analysis training course covers the foundations of revenue forecasting and statistical techniques to give participants the capacity to implement successful budgeting. In addition, it clarifies the analysis methods of revenue and how to help the organization to improve its revenue.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of revenue forecasting in the budget-making process
  • Identify best practices in the revenue forecasting process
  • Identify the appropriate forecasting methods for your organization
  • Apply the accurate revenue analysis
  • Implement a comparative analysis of your revenue forecasting techniques
  • Recognize the use of advanced tools & techniques for planning revenue

Targeted Audience:

  • Auditors / Auditing Managers and Reporting Executives / Managers
  • Professionals in banks
  • Business Development Executives & Managers 
  • Public & Privet sector executives
  • Board directors and senior management
  • Consultants for the board of directors
  • Accountants, controllers, and finance directors in the private sectors
  • Financial Executives / Managers / Controllers / Directors
  • Financial Analysts

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Introduction to Revenue Forecasting & Analysis:

  • The Budgeting Context
  • The Nature and Process of Revenue Forecasting
  • What Revenues to Forecast
  • What Expenditures to Forecast
  • Purpose of Forecasting Revenue
  • The Principles of Revenue Forecasting

Unit 2: Revenue Forecasting Steps:

  • Selection of forecast period
  • Adoption of assumptions
  • Selection of forecasting methods
  • Evaluation of estimates
  • Monitoring of outcome and comparison with forecasts
  • Updating the Forecasts

Unit 3: Revenue Forecasting Methods:

  • Qualitative and Judgement Forecasting Methods
  • Time Series Forecasting – Basic Concepts
  • The Naïve Forecast
  • The Moving Average Forecast
  • A Regression Method
  • Exponential Smoothing

Unit 4: Revenue Analysis:

  • Concept of Revenue Analysis
  • Importance of Revenue Analysis
  • Products as Revenue Drivers
  • Ensure regular updates to the taxpayer registry
  • Challenges Associated With Revenue Analysis
  • Revenue Analysis Worksheet

Unit 5: The Roles of the Board in Forecasting:

  • How to Choose the Right Forecasting Technique
  • Methods, Products & the Life Cycle
  • Forecasting the growth rate
  • Forecasting quality
  • Improve Revenue and forecasting with active planning
  • Corporate Governance & Forecasting

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