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Risk-Based Inspection



This API-Branded, Risk-Based Inspection training course gives attendees the basic understanding of RBI principles, recommendations, requirements, and the methodologies of API RP 580 and 581.

With a heavy emphasis on API RP 581 technology, students learn how to apply RBI technology to processing equipment by determining the probability of failure, the consequence of failure, risk, and how to plan for the equipment’s next inspection. Additionally, the instructors facilitate discussions on developing an RBI program using industry best practices to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes when implementing and maintaining your RBI program. Typical risk reduction and cost benefit analysis of RBI programs are also presented. Finally, the instructors present a detailed, comprehensive example problem to demonstrate the step-by-step risk calculations for a typical pressure vessel using the methodology of API RP 581

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the Risk-Based Inspection training course, students will have a basic understanding of the following:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the recommended practices and requirements of API RP 580, 3rd edition
  • Understand the methodology and apply the concepts of API RBI technology as detailed in API RP 581, 3rd edition
  • List key factors in developing, implementing and sustaining an RBI program
  • Be able to identify which RBI procedures and working processes comply with industry standards
  • Discuss advances made in API RBI technology
  • Demonstrate the value of RBI to decision makers within the organization to garner support for the implementation of a program

Target Audience

  • Plant engineers in mechanical reliability programs
  • Plant inspectors
  • Central engineering staff
  • Consultants for refining and petrochemicals
  • Can also be beneficial for the pulp and paper, natural gas, chemical and other industries that use and maintain pressurized equipment
  • Attendees should have a working knowledge of basic equipment

Course Outline

  • Overview of Risk-Based Inspection Principles
  • Introduction to API RP 580
  • Introduction to the of API RP 581, 3rd Edition
  • Risk Determination and Inspection Planning
  • Assessing Damage Mechanisms and Probability of Failure
  • Assessing Consequences of Failure
  • Assessing Various Risk Determinations
  • Identifying, Understanding, and Managing Risk Drivers
  • Risk-Based Inspection Planning
  • Financial Risk and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Reassessment and Updating

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