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Security Management and Asset Protection



The only way to build value-added departments is with envisioned Security executives who are equipped with the requisite specialized skills and knowledge. The risks and challenges to security increase along with the speed at which the world and technology change. Some businesses commit the serious error of considering their security personnel and departments to be lower level tasks. However, a strong security culture will clarify the purpose of the security discipline and explain the benefits and cost-benefit analysis it will bring to the organization.   

This training seminar is designed to give delegates the specialized security knowledge they need to carry out their management and supervisory responsibilities to international standards in Security Planning, Asset Protection, and Integrated Security Projects in order to achieve this consistent level of best practice.

Course Objectives:

  • defining the significance and elements of a comprehensive security system
  • locating and using access control systems efficiently
  • putting CCTV system into place and planning
  • Using perimeter protection systems correctly
  • Organizing security initiatives and successfully carrying them out
  • establishing a method to safeguard both physical and intellectual property
  • In charge of a proactive, competent, and dynamic security team

Targeted Audience:

  • Security Officers, Supervisors and Managers
  • HR and Administrative Supervisors responsible for security
  • HSSE Professionals
  • Fire Personnel
  • Facility Supervisors

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Crucial Issues of Security & Asset Management

  • International Standards Overview and Introduction, Including ISO 55002:2018
  • Roles and Duties in Strategic and Operational Management
  • Controlling guarding operations, manpower planning, and fashion
  • (ISO 31000) The Management of Risk and Risk Analysis
  • Crime Prevention and Management

Unit 2: Creating a Culture of Security

  • Legal Requirements: Using Minimal Force
  • Developing a Security Culture Within the Organization Improving Customer Relations and the Security Function's Reputation
  • Projects for Planning and Managing Security
  • Emergency Response Principles

Unit 3: Threats to Assets

  • Understanding Loss
  • Key Point Identification
  • Access Control, Integrated Technologies and CCTV
  • Conducting Effective Security Surveys
  • Intellectual Property, Data Protection & Cyber Security (ISO 27001)
  • Security and Evacuation Planning

Unit 4: Principals of Physical Asset Protection

  • Perimeter and Physical Security
  • Building Design principles for security
  • Control Centers for Communication and Security
  • Techniques for doing investigations and interviews well
  • terrorist threats

Unit 5: Implementing Your Security Protection Programme

  • Security Crisis Management Plans
  • Managing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans (ISO 22301)
  • Security Mutual Aid
  • Security Communication Strategies
  • Dealing with Social Media

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