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Seminar: Bonds and Fixed Income



The primary debt products that corporations can use and the markets that surround them are covered in this course. The basics of capital markets are covered first, followed by coverage of various bond and swap kinds. Coverage includes the creation and application of yield curves. Options for long- and short-term, public and private finance are investigated. In the context of corporate debt issues, the procedure of issuing bonds and important supporting documentation are covered. Along with developing and pricing plain vanilla swaps, a toolset of fundamental pricing mathematics is offered. Your comprehension of the fundamental tools of this marketplace and how to apply them depends on this course.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to know:

  • various bond instruments
  • Analytics and construction of yield curves
  • Fixed income pricing and trading
  • How to price interest rate swaps
  • Applications to portfolios and bond trading
  • market repos

Targeted Audience

  • personnel in accounting and finance
  • Managers of corporate risks
  • Fund Managers Brokers and Dealers
  • Managers of sales and portfolios

Course Outline

Unit 1: Bond Markets from a Corporate Perspective

  • The corporate lifecycle and available loan financing
  • funding for short-term debt
  • long-term borrowing
  • Generally marketed bonds
  • a description of credit spreads
  • private bond issuance
  • Term sheets for credit facility agreements
  • Debt financing as a medium of exchange
  • span nance
  • Debt maturity is favorable.
  • Process for issuing bonds
  • All-in-cost accounting and bonds

Unit 2: Risk: Using an Intuitive View of Probability Theory

  • How does risk appear?
  • What characteristics of the economic structure lead to volatility?
  • Just a little math to make things obvious

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