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Seminar: Certified ISO/IEC 38500 IT Corporate Governance Manager



You can obtain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of effective IT governance based on ISO/IEC 38500 with the ISO/IEC 38500 IT Governance Manager training. You will learn the skills you need to assist a company in using and administering the ISO/IEC 38500 Evaluate-Direct-Monitor model during this training course.

You can take the exam and apply for the "Certified ISO/IEC 38500 IT Corporate Governance Manager" certificate once you are familiar with all the essential ideas and principles of IT Governance. Your ability to operate an IT Governance model will be shown by your possession of a Certificate.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Recognize the fundamental tenets of ISO/IEC 38500 and discover how to apply them.
  • Become familiar with the ISO/IEC 38500 Evaluate-Direct-Monitor Model.
  • Acquire the expertise required to assess, manage, and keep track of an organization's use of IT.
  • Recognize CGEIT and COBIT 5

Targeted Audience

  • Those in charge of maintaining effective IT Governance within an organization may be managers or consultants.
  • Those wishing to learn everything there is to know about the fundamentals of IT governance

  • Those in the IT Governance team
  • Consultants with expertise in IT governance

Course Outline

Unit 1:Introduction to IT Governance and ISO/IEC 38500

  • Goals and organization of the course
  • Frameworks for IT Governance that are normative
  • Governance of IT and ISO/IEC 38500
  • Model for IT Governance
  • Responsibilities
  • Strategy Goal cascading for strategic alignment
  • Business strategy changes and obstacles to strategic alignment

Unit 2: Principles for the effective, efficient and acceptable use of IT

  •  Strategic planning
  • Acquisition
  • Manage and report IT investments, and save costs
  • Performance
  • Risk management as a crucial component of effectiveness
  • Contextualization and risk assessment
  • Risk management, risk communication, and risk supervision

Unit3: Outcomes, performance measurement techniques and Certification Exam

  • Resource management: A Brief Overview
  • Human resource administration
  • Methods for planning IT resources
  • Outsourcing
  • Methods for measuring results and performance
  • Conformance
  • Human conduct
  • concluding the training and requesting certification

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