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Seminar: Strategic Management Of Innovation



The term ‘strategic management’ is used to denote a branch of management that is concerned with the development of strategic vision, setting out objectives, formulating and implementing strategies, and introducing corrective measures for the deviations (if any) to reach the organization’s strategic intent.

Therefore, this Strategic Management Course focuses on delivering a high-level practical understanding of the complete elements of the subject – analysis, planning, implementation, review, development.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Design a strategic plan for their division or team
  • Guide their division or team in effective implementation
  • Identify the forces for change and development in their business
  • Create and leverage effective supply chain relationships
  • Understand and apply financial and non-financial techniques of strategic management

Targeted Audience:

  • Operational and Logistics Planners
  • Business Development Specialists
  • Accounting and Financial Managers
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Engineering, Scientific and Administrative Specialists

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: 

  • Innovation in World-Class Organizations.
  • Understanding your Organization's Competencies.
  • System to Track Trends in "Your" Technology.
  • Processes for Innovation Management.
  • Creating Culture of Innovation.

Unit 2: 

  • New Process/Product Development (Improvement Identified to Customer).
  • Understanding Synergy.
  • Analyzing Prospective and Existing Alliances and Partnerships for Synergy Creation.

Unit 3: 

  • Outsourcing and Innovation - how not to lose the touch.
  • Outsourcing Contractual Arrangements.
  • Innovation Audit.

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