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Seminar: The Virtual Leader: Developing & Leading Teams



Managers today often find themselves balancing the need for getting the job done quickly, perhaps with fewer people, with the need for building working relationships that span barriers of time, distance, and culture, to name just a few. For many managers, this is unfamiliar territory that requires a new way of thinking about how to lead people. If this situation sounds familiar, this course is for you.

The course builds skills in two areas vital to the success of a virtual team: distance management and team leadership. By combining theory with experiential exercises, participants develop the skills required to meet the demands of the constantly changing global work environment.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Create strategies for overcoming obstacles to virtual management
  • Create a team environment despite challenges from geography, time zones, and culture.
  • Understand the distinction between traditional and virtual leadership skills, competencies, and attitudes needed to motivate workers across boundaries
  • Review the benefits and challenges of working in various distant locations and with other organizations to deliver services and projects.
  • Gain new skills and tools required to lead across boundaries
  • Manage performance virtually
  • Match leadership style to the stages of the virtual team
  • Choose teams virtually
  • Develop their virtual presence
  • Analyze personal growth virtually
  • Learn how to work with virtual teams
  • Learn how to use the tools of virtual management
  • Develop trust virtually
  • Learn how to work with different cultures in the virtual space
  • Integrate multi-cultural considerations into thinking and decision making

Targeted Groups:

  • Management of contemporary organizations
  • Management who considering a transforming to the new design of the organizations (Working across boundaries and distances)
  • Managers who working virtually with their teams
  • Persons who aim to get new skills to be ready for the new model of the business

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: The Virtual Leader:

  • The Changing Global Industries
  • Global Cultures and how they differ
  • The Impact of Technology on Virtual Management
  • The fundamentals of Virtual VS Direct Leadership
  • The Competencies of Virtual Leadership


Unit 2: Communication and Diligence of Virtual Leadership:

  • Setting Clear Goals and Internal Communication Vertically and Horizontally
  • Developing Virtual listening skills
  • Using multiple forms of media for distance communications
  • Keeping your hands on the wheel of control
  • Continuous learning and knowledge transfer
  • Empowerment VS Delegation

Unit 3: Team Building Virtual Leadership:

  • Setting the roles and rules for the Team
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Team Styles
  • Matching your Leadership Style to the team in multi-cultures
  • Team building for Succession Planning
  • Motivating across boundaries
  • Leading multi-generational and multi-geographical dispersed resources
  • Building a synergistic culture from multi-cultures
  • The power of cultural dynamics in productivity

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