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Strategic Healthcare Management



Global healthcare leaders must have expertise in leadership management, healthcare finance, and human resource management in order to maintain excellence in service and patient care. The Strategic Healthcare Management course aims to ensure that healthcare leaders have access to the world’s leading practices in complex organizational management and healthcare leadership.

This course consists of healthcare industry-specific skill development, and enhancement methodologies and topics, designed for senior and executive-level hospital staff. Including primary care, recuperative care, community and other healthcare facility administrators, chiefs of staff, hospital board members, chief nursing officers, department directors, and other healthcare professionals with supervisory, management, or executive level responsibilities.

The course will also be of benefit to clinicians who are transitioning or seeking to transition into administrative management or executive roles. Medical and non-medical personnel and staff who aspire to become directors, executives, and administrators will also find tremendous value in the knowledge and skills taught.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Implement patient-focused strategies, including strategic planning, across the organization
  • Leverage executive decision-making tools and formal methods to assess healthcare plans in light of regulations and ever-changing needs in the market
  • Lead and manage complex organizations’ crisis management while optimizing quality and safety best practices
  • Foster creativity throughout a department or organization
  • Apply leadership capabilities to lead healthcare teams and projects to success

Targeted Audience:

  • Physicians, surgeons, senior nurses, and allied healthcare professionals who are about to take on general management responsibilities for the first time or who have been identified as having potential for general management
  • Managers and professionals who are about to move out of a specialist role and into a broader general management role
  • Any healthcare professional looking to develop, broaden or refresh their general management skills, network with their peers from across the region, and share or benchmark best practices

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Strategic Management:

  • Strategic management in healthcare
  • Developing a mission and vision statement and strategic management steps
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Positioning the hospital for quality

Unit 2: Hospital Organizational Structure:

  • Understanding the US and other global organizational structures
  • Managing and leading in complex organizations
  • Teamwork in healthcare settings

Unit 3: Financial Management and Forecasting in Healthcare:

  • The organizational structure and responsibilities of hospital cost centers
  • Department and individual cost centers
  • Cost center management
  • Evaluation methods
  • The convergence of cost accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Insurance 

Unit 4: Hospital Human Resource Management:

  • Hospital strategic human resource management
  • Developing core values and human resource management
  • Understanding human resource management systems
  • Developing human resource incentives and control mechanisms

Unit 5: Hospital Information Technology (HIT):

  • The implementation of hospital information management
  • HIT systems
  • HIT in process management
  • HIT in quality and safety
  • Security and privacy issues in HIT

Unit 6: Medical Service Quality Management and Improvement:

  • Quality of medical services management
  • Performance tracking and incentives
  • Healthcare quality management methods and common tools
  • Emergency preparedness and crisis management

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