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Strategic Planning and Analysis for Marketing



Strategic Planning and Analysis for Marketing teaches you everything you need to know about the subject in-depth so you may earn a professional credential to highlight your success in the workplace. This in-depth, instructor-led course on strategic planning and analysis for marketing is intended to provide you a thorough understanding of the relevant industry and your primary duties within it.

In today's competitive world, you need a particular set of talents to succeed in your line of work. You will learn the most in-demand skills to launch your career in this comprehensive training course, as well as how to improve your current knowledge and abilities.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • become more competent and effective in your chosen field
  • become successful in your profession
  • have a specific set of skills to succeed in today’s competitive world
  • develop the most in-demand skills to kickstart your career
  • upgrade your existing knowledge & skills.

Targeted Audience

  • Managers of different divisions
  • Planning departments staff
  • Anyone with a knack for learning new skills

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to Strategic Planning

  • Development of a Strategic Plan
  • Strategic Planning for Marketing

Unit 2: Strategic and Marketing Analysis

  • Internal Analysis
  • External Analysis

Unit 3: Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Unit 4: Approaches to Customer Analysis

  • Approaches to Competitor Analysis

Unit 5:

  • Revision
  • Workshop

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