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Strategic Planning with Development & Implementation



Effective strategic leadership is primary to the future success of any organization. This starts with defining a clear strategic vision – setting out the leadership team’s strategic intent for the organization and its various businesses. This then needs to be translated into an agenda for action – not merely a ‘strategic plan’ but a set of guidelines or a road map setting out where the business needs to go and empowering managers at all levels to make the multitude of decisions that they need to make in the clear understanding of where the business is heading.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program the participants will be able to:

  • Develop the three key strategic agendas for leaders: Intellectual, Managerial and Behavioural.
  • Lead and motivate teams and businesses in diverse, turbulent and complex environments.
  • Motivate people towards the strategic.
  • Find new approaches to old problems in their organization strategies.
  • Interpret the internal and external forces shaping the future.
  • Command respect.
  • Develop a culture or climate that supports your initiatives.

Targeted Audience:

  • Head of departments.
  • Strategic Planning department.
  • Managers among all managerial levels.
  • Supervisors and Team leaders.

Program Outlines:

Unit 1:

Understanding The Strategic Environment:

  • Recognizing and interpreting forces in the strategic environment.
  • Understanding strategic inflection points and strategic scenarios.
  • Analyzing and prioritizing strategic issues.
  • Formulating strategic vision and expressing strategic intent.
  • Developing a strategic roadmap.

Unit 2:

Understanding Strategic Models And Paradigms:

  • Recognizing strategic horizons and using the 7S framework.
  • Recognizing and developing the characteristics of strategic agility.
  • Understanding and leveraging strategic competences and skills.

Unit 3:

Effective Strategic Implementation:

  • Strategic implementation tools and frameworks.
  • Structures and systems for strategic agility and performance.
  • Monitoring and adjustment.
  • Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management.

Unit 4:

Strategic Leadership:

  • Preparing for the future.
  • Effective styles and practices for strategic leadership.
  • Developing inspiration and motivation.
  • Communicating the roadmap and gathering support.

Unit 5:

Driving Strategic Performance & Success:

  • Transforming the organization to enable strategic success.
  • Balancing the focus on performance and strategy.
  • Spreading leadership capabilities throughout the organization.

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